The Best Spy Software Apps for Your Cell Phones 2017

There is no sense to buy software apps if you know nothing about their functioning and aim. It is quite useful to study different reviews concerning top tracking applications people use nowadays. It will prevent you from deception and lack of important information about your phone spyware.

Remember that there are many online companies which try to make money by cheating their clients. They give the unconfirmed report about their product and enlarge their income. We do not belong to such companies. We give only verified information because our main target is long-term cooperation with our clients. If you come across some suspicious firms, please, let us know about such. You can do it with the help of your e-mail or just in comments. We take into consideration each feedback of our clients trying to improve our work and service. You’ll help us reveal the cheaters and stop their activity in spy software production. Reputation is very is significant for us!

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#1 SPYSTEALTH – 10/10 Rating:

This in an excellent application that will help you control Smartphones (Tablets, iPhones or Androids) of your employees, husbands or wives, relatives, and children.
You can monitor Hangouts, call details, SMS, GPS locations, MMS, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, Skype, KIK, e-mails, Viber, WhatsApp, Line, Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger messages, other text messages, and so on.
You need just to install the list of Applications and control it. Another preference is that you can block and unblock spy apps remotely from your desktop account in SpyStealth. There will be no problem in removing the applications from your computer.
You can block websites if you don’t want your children to visit them. You can also easily unblock them if they are required.
To get all the necessary information about the Phone Tracker, you should visit our website and read the list of all features. Enjoy only best spy apps!

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#2 mSpy – 9/10 Rating:

Spyera is a second-to-none mobile spy. Its benefit is its main function. This software records every event that happens on your object’s smartphone. You can monitor the history of messaging not only of his/her mobile but of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype as well. It will be not difficult to see what the owner of the device was doing on the phone.
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#3 Spyera – 9/10 Rating:

Spyera Phone version is software that you install on a smart phone to monitor everthing happening on the phone. After installation, SPYERA secretly records events (sms, call history, phone book, location, emails, What’s App messages, IM, Facebook Chat, Skype, See photos taken and many more…)
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What is a Cell Phone Tracker?

Phone tracker appeared only 20 years ago but its popularity grows day by day. Why does it happen? Contemporary people cannot imagine their lives without phones. They use them for talks, SMS exchange or as access to the Internet and different Internet programs. Smartphones contain a lot of data that can be provoking. If you want to learn whether somebody spreads some secret information about you or your work, you can install mobile spy to the device of the required person. You will be able to know everything about his/her e-mails, chats, GPS location, history of browser or messaging, call details, taken photos or sent/ accepted video files, etc. This will prevent you from unnecessary guessing and suspicions. You’ll be just aware of everything.

What’s the Use of Spy App?

If you are a boss at some company or a loving parent, then cell spy will be very useful for you.

All companies try to create something new and develop it. It allows them to become leaders and make a good profit. Every employee is responsible for some tasks, but some of them have access to the confidential information, which should not be shared with others. With the help of spy software, you’ll be able to find those, who want to sell the data or secret ideas to your competitors. There are also workers who spend much time on social networks, waste time playing games, watching videos or searching the information on the Internet instead of doing their job. Now you can be sure that all your employees do what they must do and don’t abuse your confidence.

Good parents should control their children. Sometimes it is not so easy because they can rebel against your rules and try to escape from your supervision. Mobile tracking apps will help you learn more about your children, their preferences, websites they visit, people they talk to or mail, videos and photos they watch or about their location. Your kids will not even guess that you watch over them. It is so beneficial, isn’t it?

How to Use This Software Application?

Phone Spyware requires one of the major mobile platforms. Among them, you can choose Symbian, Windows Mobile, iOS, BlackBerry, and Android. iPhone tracker cannot be installed without the iPhone. So to speak, it is impossible to place it on the mobile device or tablet at a distance. You must have physical access to it. After the installation, all the data will be sent to a secure web account. You can get it whenever you want with the help of any Internet-enabled device. The supervised person will know nothing about you. Spying app cannot be detected due to the special stealth mode.

Remember! IOS (iPhone) is to be jailbroken for spy app installation but nowadays it’s not a problem.

Evaluation of Cell Phone Spy Software Apps


There is no sense in providing people with mobile spying apps of low usability. There will be no clients and no profit. Cell spyware is easy and comfortable in use for everyone.

You should take into consideration that it’s better to get power-independent cell tracking apps. Smartphones usually have limited batteries and it can reduce the indefectibility of your spy software. Don’t forget about software updates!

We are not aimed to earn money from vendors who sell spy software. We work independently and supply our clients with unbiased reviews only. Our articles will help you make the right choice.


Spy phone offers many advantages. For parents, it is a great opportunity to know everything about their kids. They can use the following features of iOS spy:

  • Creation of the blacklist of websites or applications

  • Anti-theft option

  • Blacklisting of calls

  • Keywords alerts

  • Geo-limitation

If you want to control your workers, you can get:

  • Phone Gallery

  • GPS spy

  • Line spy

  • Call blocker

  • Call tracker

  • Whatsapp spy

  • Snapchat spy

  • KIK spy

  • WeChat spy

  • Twitter spy

  • Facebook tracker

  • Instagram spy

  • Skype spy

  • Viber tracker

  • Message spy

  • E-mail spy

All these features will let you know whether your employees work, rest or try to make money on YOUR business. You remain invisible for everyone but know everything about everyone.

Application Support

Don’t be afraid to use mobile spy apps. In case you need to get technical support, there are a great number of live chats and support channels like FAQs, for example. Their service is available round-the-clock 7 days a week. Share your impressions with others and learn more about your spy app .

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