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Special Features of mSpy Cell Phone Spying Software The cell phone spying product from mSpy is a smartphone app that runs on the device for recording the activities of its user. You can monitor

Special Features of mSpy Cell Phone Spying Software

The cell phone spying product from mSpy is a smartphone app that runs on the device for recording the activities of its user. You can monitor calls made, a variety of text messages from SMS and other apps, get the device’s current GPS location, and much more. Typically, it is used by parents to monitor the activities of their child with a smartphone and used by employers to make sure company-issued cell phones are used for their intended purpose. The makers of products like mSpy have similar features but here the ones that make this product special.

The mSpy tracking app can monitor text messages from not only SMS but also those from email, WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessage, Skype, and Viber. However anyone knows that there are more messaging apps out there so what do you do when you want to see what the user is sending on them?

This is where the special mSpy cell phone spying feature of keylogging is an answer to this problem. Not only does mSpy send the text of these messages to your subscriber control panel but it captures all keys pressed on the monitored phone thus sending you every textual communication initiated.

The makers of other cell phone spying software products oftentimes have bugging capability where the subscriber can command the monitored device to begin listening in or recording surrounding sounds. The feature is useful when you cannot determine the user’s activities through call logs and text messages so you “bug” the phone much like law enforcement puts microphones on people to help them get evidence in a crime.

Smartphone bugging is handled a little differently with mSpy cell phone spying software. With the mSpy product, you can set a recording time from the subscriber control panel. You can also set the duration of the recording. This means that you can set the monitored phone to record without having to be at the control panel. Thus, you can schedule times for when you think you need to know the activities of your child or employee without being physically logged on to listen.

There are many situations where a parent or employer would want to restrict incoming calls. Even you as the subscriber might want to restrict incoming calls if mSpy is running on your own phone. Then, some communications carriers might add fees to your service if numbers are restricted through them.

Through the mSpy control panel, it is easy to add phone numbers for incoming call restrictions. You just go to the screen and enter the number. Now you no longer need to worry if your child is getting contacted by a stranger or if telemarketers are making annoying phone calls to the monitored device.

Website Visit Frequency

The mSpy app logs all websites visited much the same way as other products do. However, mSpy has one added feature to this capability that could prove to be quite useful for you. It is the website visit frequency found for each line item in the browsing history display on the subscriber control panel.

This count of the number of visits to a particular website can be useful for identifying the priority sites to block or those that are the most needed. For example, if your employees need a certain website to get information for their jobs, the visit frequency value should bring your attention to it.

These are just some of the special features that are provided by the mSpy cell phone tracking application. There are others such as reporting, video logging, and battery state of the monitored cell phone. Together, it all makes a powerful spy app for your child’s or employee’s phone. Buy your subscription and start leveraging these features today.

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