Spy on Facebook Messages

Spy on Facebook Messages Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the planet bar none. All ages enjoy Facebook and it is no surprise that the StealthGenie SMS tracker is designed to

Spy on Facebook Messages

Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the planet bar none. All ages enjoy Facebook and it is no surprise that the StealthGenie SMS tracker is designed to monitor messages from the Facebook instant messenger (IM) component as well.

The Reservations Parents and Employers Have about Facebook

The social networking site known as Facebook is great for keeping in touch with current as well as friends from the past. It keeps families in touch with each other in spite of the distances they live apart from each other.

Just as it is good for many things, it also has its dangers that give parents and employers reservations about letting their child or employee use it with no restrictions on their smartphones.

Thus, there is the need for the StealthGenie sms spy app to monitor the activities of children on their smartphones as well as employees with devices issued by their companies.

The top reservations parents and employees have with regard to Facebook usage on smartphones include:

  • Concern about the time spent in Facebook messenger chats
  • Hiding message exchanges that would be considered in poor taste and even offensive
  • Children exchanging messages with strangers who could have ill intentions, such as cyber-predators and cyber-bullies
  • The same children communicating with friends that a parent would rather they not

Continue reading and you will see how StealthGenie has the solutions with regard to monitoring Facebook messaging and easing the concerns that parents and employers have about the social network.

How StealthGenie Spies on Facebook Messages

StealthGenie collects logs related to Facebook messages from the cell phone being monitored and displays them on your subscriber control panel. The type, sender, recipient, date/time, and full text are listed for each message. Message type is classified as received or sent.

Thus, you can see a complete history of the Facebook message activity on the monitored Smartphone. Even if the user thinks he is covering his tracks by deleting message threads on his smartphone, you will still have a record of it.

You can also sort the records by date/time, sender, recipient, or upload time while viewing in the control panel. This gives you flexibility isolating the messages of interest.

Putting Parents and Employers at Ease

Parents and employers can now be more at ease because of StealthGenie and its ability to collect Facebook message logs. This is because this feature helps in the following ways:

1. Date/time of each Facebook message gives an idea about the time spent involved in chats. The date and time displayed with each Facebook log record will tell you if your child or employee is spending too much time but you can also export these log records into a .CSV file that can be imported into other apps for generating even more detailed reports. A good example of this would be Microsoft Excel.

2. The full text of each message for both the sender and recipient is displayed. With the full text you can see every word and identify language that you should be concerned about. For example, is your teenage son chatting with his friend about getting their hands on some drugs? You as a parent will see this and be able to put a stop to it.

3. Sender and recipient names appear and a parent can ask their children about those unknown. Your child may not tell you about cyber-bullies or strangers who could be predators. However you will be able to see the Facebook IDs of those whom you don’t know thus prompting you to find out more.

4. Facebook log records can be searched by date range. Like sorting mentioned previously, searching by date range allows you to focus on only the message log records of interest.

5. You can also see the photos that were included in a Facebook message. StealthGenie also shows you the photos that were taken on the monitored smartphone. Thus, you can see those that were used within a Facebook message post.

As you can see by now, there is no need for a parent or employer to worry when they have the StealthGenie SMS spy app monitoring the smartphones that they are responsible for regarding their use.

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