SpyMaster Pro Review: Is This Really The Master Of Spies?

In this review of SpyMaster Pro, we will see whether it is worth its price. We will also see its pros and cons. Find out here!

SpyMaster Pro: 3/5 Stars!

In this SpyMaster Pro review, I aim to give you all the details you need about this software. If you want to know everything about it, then this is the place to be. If you already use it yourself, may I also ask you to comment about your experience with it in the comments section. Thank you!

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In this new era of phone and internet technology, many people want know what happens in their own and their loved one’s cell phones. It has been very challenging to monitor phones but thanks to a new budding technology!

Spymaster Pro is a software that can give great value for its price. This software is very reliable and provides the users with amazing solutions to track and monitor a cell phone .

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1. Phone Tracking

I find this feature very amazing in the Spymaster Pro software. The phone tracking capability has solved the challenges of privacy in family as well as employees. The software has enabled the monitoring of the dialed and received calls.

The software could be great in tracking your children. Parents want to always protect their children and that’s where the software comes in.

In addition, it is worth mentioning how this software could help in tracking employees. There are times when employees leak secrets of the company to competitors. This can lead to the downfall of any company.

This phone tracking capability is an amazing technology since users can check the duration of each call and its corresponding name in the cell phone being tracked. However, the name is only displayed if that number is saved in the phonebook of the target phone.

2. SMS Tracking

The SMS tracking capability allows the tracking of incoming as well as outgoing messages in the target phone. In addition, Spymaster Pro stores all messages even if the cell phone holder deletes them.

Again, the SMS tracking si useful in tracking family members as well as employees. Please beware however that this may lead to illegal activities if you are not careful.

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3. GPS Location Tracking

It can also track the precise location of the phone with the help of Google Maps. It helps to know if employees are doing their jobs when the employer is not around. Moreover, parents can know if their children are studying with friends or just playing in the field contrary to what they claim.

4. Email Tracking

The Spymaster Pro email tracking feature shows all the incoming as well as outgoing emails. These emails are saved in the online account even if the user deletes the mails.

5. Phonebook Access

With this feature, you would be able to see all the phone numbers that are stored in the target phone.

6. URL Tracking

You could also see all URLs visited by the users on the cell phone’s browsers. These URLs are recorded in the online account.

7. Photo Tracking

The photo tracking feature enables you to see all the photos sent and received on the target cell phone.

Additional Features (For The Higher Edition)

1. Call Listening

With this features, you could hear and record all phone conversations.

2. Viber Tracking

You can track Viber chats, calls, sent and received photos with their precise date and time using this app.

3. WhatsApp Tracking

You could read the conversation threads in WhatsApp as well as tracking shared photos and videos with their accurate date and time.

4. Facebook Messenger Tracking

This feature helps to track all Facebook chats with their precise date and time, as well as the location.

In conclusion, Spymaster Pro will help you catch a fraudulent employees and mischievous kids.

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