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Cell spy is a new technology making parental, family and business control simpler and easier. Spy phone app is a software installed on a tracked device (most of

Cell phone spyware – how to boost control over business and family

Cell spy is a new technology making parental, family and business control simpler and easier. Spy phone app is a software installed on a tracked device (most of the applications are compatible with phones and tablets regardless of OS). After being installed cell phone tracker monitors all types of the activity of the target user.

Who needs cell phone spy application?

Spyware for cell phones is an additional means of control and management of your business and family providing you insider information on any actions taken by a target user: sent and received messages and calls, social networks activity, camera usage and media files, location and phone keylogger, copying all the text entered with the phone keyboard.

Spy phone application is the easiest way to know your kid is safe and honest. Using the software you will be able not only to read messages, but to block phone in case of abusing its usage during school hours or home studying, to block calls from unwanted contacts or block all the calls from contacts which are not on the list (we do not recommend blocking calls from unknown numbers as there are cases when you personally will need to call your kid from another number).

Most spy phone apps track GPS location and allow parents to set virtual boundaries limiting your kid from visiting unwanted places. You will get instant alert if your kid crosses the boundaries and enters forbidden location.

Phone tracker will copy you all the messages sent and received via any messenger (Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, standard SMS application, etc.). This enables you to intercept hazards for your kid and to ensure kids safety. Block unwanted messages from contacts.


To get your business prospering you need to provide access to business sensitive data to your employees. But can you trust your employees? Are you sure your colleagues do not leak business sensitive information to your business competitors?

Cell phone spyware will help you to monitor how your employees use phones during business hours. Another benefit of using application is that you can sufficiently boost efficiency of your employees. Tracking what they do, where they go and what they are messaging during business hours will let you apply new business policy and a system of penalties for not doing work during business hours. The cell phone spyware for business should offer extended set of features logging each call, its duration and contact data.

Phone spyware will let you find out the truth regardless of what OS device your spouse uses. You will find out, whom your spouse chats with, where your spouse spends time. Cell phone keylogger will copy you the messages, while advanced spying applications will make use of camera of the phone to record video and sound of what is going on around.

Spyware for cell phones is a necessary means of safeguarding and control. Do not think about ethical matters, think about safety and wellbeing of your family, kids and business.

Choose a proper phone spying application for ultimate protection.

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