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It is almost impossible to carry a proper self-defense system without the sanction from the government, in some way or another. Laws vary from state to state, from country to country, and while handguns are practically banned in the entire world, including major states and cities in the USA, lesser means of defense also suffer government prohibition: pepper sprays and Tasers.

Remember how 9/11 hijackers managed to accomplish their task with paper cutters and pocket knives, while everyone else on the planes were completely disarmed by the government?

This tells us that you can’t underestimate the efficacy of something that has no active components; that doesn’t hold bullets, electrical charges, or a chemical compound.

Stinger Spy Pen’s design draws from that philosophy – looking like a normal pen but having a bite of something much more than that. Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about governments while carrying it around, no matter where you go: planes, courthouse, college campus, highly secure buildings, just walking down the street…you will always have the basic means of protecting yourself.

And who is going to raise an eyebrow over a pen, the most common item one could carry around?

Stinger Spy Pen was developed by Joe Marshall, chief editor of Survival Life and author of “How to Build The Ultimate Every Day Carry Kit.”

Besides functioning as a normal pen, Stinger Spy Pen has some features that no other pen has:

  • Pen cap serving as a force multiplier strike pad, which gives you high force to effort ratio.
  • Titanium coated tip for maximum penetration.
  • Aircraft aluminum makes it incredibly sturdy.
  • Capable of writing upside down and under water.
  • Spring steel pocket to make sure your pen is ready for action at all times.
  • Capable of breaking glass in an emergency: escaping form a car or a building.

When you think about it, this is a must-have item for any person. You need a pen, you not only have a pen, but have it in the form of the most unbreakable, upside-down-writing-water-proof pen you could have.

You need self-defense, without worrying about government stomping on you for daring to express your fundamental human right, Stinger Spy Pen offers you an alternative like no other self-defense item can.

Without it, you are left defenseless.

Stinger Spy Pen Discount

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