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The Thanksgiving Holiday is finally here, and this year there are many things to be grateful and thankful for. Having family, friends and good food around are all valuable things to be thankful for this…

The Mobile Spy Smartphone Monitoring Software

Monitoring Software to be Thankful For August 30, 2014

The Thanksgiving Holiday is finally here, and this year there are many things to be grateful and thankful for. Having family, friends and good food around are all valuable things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving; but this year, many parents are also thankful for cutting edge smartphone monitoring software such as Mobile Spy and PhoneSheriff. These smartphone monitoring software come with an abundance of top notch innovative monitoring features and options designed specifically with parents in mind.

Keeping a watchful eye on our little ones is a big and important task, and the Thanksgiving Holiday just reminds us of the attention to detail that we as parents have to make for our kids’ safety. Monitoring software installed on kids’ smartphones comes in handy in several different ways. Not only does it give parents the ability to find out what their teens and young kids are doing on their device, but it also gives them the ability to use parental controls and prevent any further inappropriate behavior. Not only that, monitoring software can also be beneficial in trying to retrieve a phone that has been lost.

Installing monitoring software onto kids’ smartphones this holiday season will allow parents to implement a few new rules that kids may not be accustomed to. With the PhoneSheriff software’s parental control options, parents can ensure teens and young kids are not using their smartphone late at night talking, texting or surfing the internet.

Wondering if kids are where they say they are, or if they actually went where they say they went? The GPS tracking capabilities of Mobile Spy and PhoneSheriff have the answers parents are looking for. Along with GPS tracking and monitoring, Mobile Spy even offers options and features where parents can see exactly where kids are in real time. Parents can simply send a silent SMS text command to the child’s monitored smartphone and receive a message back with the location and a link to a map. PhoneSheriff offers a Geo-Fencing monitoring feature that allows parents to set up a virtual boundary that kids are supposed to stay in. If the child goes outside that virtual fence, parents will be alerted immediately.

The Mobile Spy and PhoneSheriff software also offer a large array of other cool monitoring and parental control features such as photo/video monitoring, website tracking, blocking apps, phone time restrictions, list of apps installed, social network monitoring and much more. (Visit the Mobile Spy or PhoneSheriff website for a list of features for each product)

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The Thanksgiving Holiday is finally here, and this year there are many things to be grateful and thankful for. Having family.

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Mobistealth Cell phone monitoring spy software is highly capable of getting your most wanted information from the target.

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