Tracking A Cell Phone with MonitorPhones App

Monitor Phones app is an ideal spyware program for monitoring a child’s device remotely

Tracking a Cell Phone – The Basics

The MonitorPhones App is the easiest way to track a cell phone device remotely. You will be given access to a control panel where you can review any information collected from the device on which the spyware is installed. This parental control application is perfectly legal, multi-featured, and was designed with the intention of tracking a cell phone or tablet device. The application gives parents access to social media information, contacts, calendar details, the history of a child’s Web browsing, GPS location information, text messages, and information on phone calls, both inbound and outgoing.

If you plan to use the application to monitor a tablet or cell phone device, you will have to register for an account and pay for a subscription. There are different subscriptions that suit every budget. You will create a user ID and password for signing in. Once the program is paid for, you just sign into access your dashboard. The phone tracking app is connected to a special server and when the application tracks the data on a cell phone or tablet, it will then upload that data to the server that it is connected to, and where you will be able to access the data from the control panel.

The Question of Jailbreaking and the Cell Phone Tracking App

There are number of spyware applications that are compatible with the iPhone device but only if that iPhone has gone to the jailbreaking process. Jailbreaking involves gaining access to parts of the device’s coding that Apple would not otherwise permit. Jailbreaking is not an illegal process as it was approved by the copyright office in 2010 and again in 2012. However, this does not mean that the initial manufacturer of device approves of jailbreaking. Therefore, if you make the decision to invest in a spyware application requires jailbreaking to be in place, you are violating the warrantee provided by Apple.

With the MonitorPhones spyware application, this is not an issue because the device can monitor a phone with or without jailbreak applied. With no jailbreak, you will need to use the iCloud version and the premium subscription. With any other subscription or by any other means, the cellular device will have to be jailbroken. It should also be noted that if you opt for the non-jailbroken version, the spyware application can only complete so many tasks including the monitoring of Skype, notes, contacts, photos, calendar, browsing history, bookmarks, location, text messages, ingoing and outgoing calls, and WhatsApp chats. What’s more, if you are working with an Android operating system, the device must go through the rooting process in order to get access to the aforementioned activities.

Phone Tracking Software-The Installation Process

The cell phone tracking device needs to be installed in order for it to begin tracking the information on the device. In order to put the cell phone tracking device on a tablet or mobile phone, the person installing the program needs to have physical access to the phone or tablet that will be monitored. With this application, it cannot be installed remotely unless you have the premium subscription.

In all, if takes no longer than five minutes to complete the installation of the spyware program. Following the purchase of the appropriate plan, you will receive information via email on how to complete the installation process. Program updates are automatic, downloaded, and installed. Finally, if you should find the need to put your Apple iPhone device through the jailbreaking process, you will be able to find links to outside sources showing you how to do so during the install process.

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