Best Places to Install and Hide GPS Car Tracker

The best places or locations to install and hide GPS car tracker are commonly where people look for bugs to check if they’re being tracked covertly.

Best Places to Install GPS Car Tracker

A couple of weeks ago, I shared at least 4 tips in using GPS car trackers for covert tracking operation. which can be applied to almost any type of vehicles. Just a few days ago, I got a GPS tracking unit straight from the US (I’ll just mention the brand once I’m ready to publish my review) and it’s really awesome to see a copy of an instruction material, detailing some creative places to install a GPS car tracker . I found it useful and interesting to read so I decided to share it here. I wish the list could be of any help particularly to those who are using or those who have plans of installing GPS tracking devices on their cars as well.

Most of the best locations to install GPS car tracker which I’ll mention here are usually present on sedans or similar types of cars. Needless to say, these locations are commonly where people look for bugs if they think they’re being tracked covertly. It’s likely that one or two of these locations aren’t present in your car, but that’s not going to be a problem. After all, it’s still best to consider common sense and your own initiative when installing GPS car trackers.

So without any further ado, here’s where you can place a GPS tracker in your car:

  • Inside cowl or spoiler
  • Inside or under plastic grill
  • Inside headlight or footlight compartment
  • Inside brake light
  • Inside wheel well
  • Inside or under plastic bumper
  • Inside headrest
  • Under front or rear dash
  • Under Bug Shield
  • Inside rear speakers
  • Inside or behind glove box
  • Top of roof
  • Between window and car hood
  • Under back or front seat
  • Inside back seat pockets
  • Inside rear arm rest

The type of GPS car trackers that you can place in the locations listed above is basically the battery-operated type, which typically are very portable as well and would fit in slots seamlessly. There may be scenarios in which GPS signal reception becomes an issue, but this usually occurs due to interference or when metallic objects are blocking GPS radio signals.

That being said, make sure the GPS antenna is facing against metals, always free from electrical wiring, and has a clear view towards the sky. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the antenna should be positioned without barriers though; as long as the barrier isn’t metallic, then you shouldn’t have any problem with GPS signal reception.

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