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Got a wannabe spy in your house? Want to make his or her dream come true at the best price? The Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch is your answer. And with so many high-tech features, it’s not hard to see why it is rocketing to the top of everyone’s toy list this Christmas.

This is a lot more than some cheap kids spy gear. This watch has a video camera and built-in microphone that can record 20 minutes worth of video, 4 hours worth of audio, and can take 2000 photos.

Pretty impressive for a kid’s toy, isn’t it?

Once your child has recorded their video, they can view it—and share it—on the spot, right on the watch’s 1.4” color screen. Or, they can download their work onto a Spy Net’s secured site via a USB cable (don’t worry, it’s included). Plus, while they’re on the site, they can download secret video missions to accomplish.

The Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch does everything a digital camera does, AND functions like a regular watch, too, with alarm, stopwatch functions, etc. It also has a ton of accessories that you can buy that allows you to expand your sleuthing abilities. This allows you to build up a collection that can help fuel your child’s imagination for quite a long time.

Who is your child’s spy idol?
No matter what their age or maturity level, kids LOVE pretending to be a spy. They might be a fan of Inspector Gadget, the preteen heroes who save the free world in Spy Kids, or fancy themselves on their own Mission Impossible . That’s what makes the Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch the perfect gift that can inspire your child’s creativity.

The sheer portability of the Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch makes it a winner with kids. By having all of this cool technology at their wrist, your child will feel like a real spy –just like their movie idols! They’ll have hours of fun “catching” their friends and family members “in the act,” and sharing what they’ve caught on film or audio. If you’re looking for something to get your kid off the couch and away from the video console or TV—and at the best price—the Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch is the toy for you.

It’s recommended for children between the ages of 8 and 12 and priced at around $50. And because there’s a lot of cool technology packed in this little gem, it is a toy that even the pickiest pre-teen can love. So while it’s not horribly expensive, it’s not your typical cheap kids spy gear, either. That’s why it gets the “thumbs up” from the hard-to-shop-for preteen crowd.

Spy Net’s Secret Mission Video Watch is sure to be this seasons’ hottest toy! Order your gift at the best price: Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch

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