Best Smartphone-app-list for Voice Recording

Smartphone-app-list of Voice-recording software for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry

Smartphone Voice Recording Apps (COP RECORDER)

Best Smartphone-app-list of Voice Recording applications for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry

It is possible to use the Smart Phone Voice recording software to record multiple things. For example, you can use voice recorder software to record your voice on thoughts, memos, or other miscellaneous items. You can even record someone from the law if you need to do so. However, it has just come to the attention of most people that it is not possible to record someone from law enforcement unless you notify that person. If you do not notify someone, it is called “illegal electronic surveillance .”

Cop recorded beating somebody

Although there are laws that hinder you from just recording anything on the street, the possibilities for recording voice is endless. Newer smart phones have standard audio recorder software already installed as an application. However, with recorder software, the extra options available will be endless. Just remember that before you record a conversation with someone from the law, you need to let him or her know.

If you have a question about some of the best voice recording software available, just look at a few of these.


a.Quick Voice is an application that has won different awards for their voice recording software in both Mac and Windows. It is a “touch and speak” application that allows voice recording that is simple and efficient. In addition, it is an application that should be expensive, but it is not.

b. There is also a downloadable version of the voice recorder software for iPhone. Voice Memo if you were not able to do so originally. Although it may not have as many features as Quick Voice, it gets the job done.

c. iProRecorder Audio Recording Software is another good application for recording your voice on your iPhone. It is a high quality application with features such as playback and file transfer. The interface is simple and it is not an overall bad recorder software application.

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a. Developed by Mamorou Tokashi, this simple Voice Recorder for the Google Android is an app that does not cost anything and will cause no inconvenience.

b. For those obsessed with recording conversations with those who represent the law, the Cop Recorder application may better suit your needs. Specifically for the Android phone, this may be the best voice recorder software. You can find it at Androlib. This application may be the best voice recorder, as it records invisibly and stops recording when you open the application opens again.

c. This free downloadable Voice Recorder at CNet is another choice. So far there have been 430 downloads from this link and it is an application that is easy to use on your Android Phone.


a.VR+ Lite voice recording application is truly interesting. It is not just software allows you to record voice; this application allows you to send voice messages. It even has a voice-sharing tool that allows you to share your thoughts through Facebook. Twitter. and Blogger. It is even possible for you to record your own podcasts and allow others to listen to it, as well as you.

All of these voice-recording apps are simple to use. While some are free, others may cost money. Either way, voice recording software is an efficient appl that will solve many problems. If you need proof for legal issues, you want to create your own podcasts, or you want to make classes easier, voice-recording software on your smartphone can solve many problems.

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