Cell Phones Spy Software Reviews – Comparison

Cell Phone Spy Software Reviews – Comparison of the best currently availabe Spyware for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobiles Phones

Cell Phones Spy Software

Cell Phone Spy Software Comparison

Given the choices available in the spy software market, here is a summary of the top three popular spyware and their features.

SpyEra offers a host of features which makes it the most wanted spy software in town. The features of this software are several which can be summarized as follows:

  • Call interception is possible with SpyEra
  • Recording is a basic facility found with this software
  • One can listen in on surrounding noises of a cell phone that is being tracked
  • Access to chats on BBM
  • Compatible with most mobile operating systems
  • One can install the software in more than one phone with one license

This software has been ranked as number one for the number of comprehensive features it offers. You can log in calls as well as report or intercept calls as well. It is possible to make spy calls through this software as well as record calls. Live chats can be recorded through this software and all kinds of media files in the targeted smartphone can be accessed. Text messages, emails are easily intercepted by this software and spoof text messages can be sent. If there is a SIM card change done, that alert is received by this software. The GPS tracking features are preset in SpyEra along with Cell ID tracking feature. This comes of use when the GPS tracking facility is unavailable.

SpyEra is a feature rich cell phone spy software that offers reliable tracking and spying facilities. The remote control feature is also present on this software. The customer care team of SpyEra is responsive and you can avail of their help and support as and when you face any problem.

Among the numerous spy software in the market, mSpy is the most popular as well as user friendly. It can help you track the cell phones of children, prevent theft of your smartphone as well as supervise the performance and activities of employees. There are all the standard features of surveillance that can be accessed by this software:

  • Access history of call logs
  • Find out GPS location of a targeted cell phone
  • Gain calendar updates
  • Check on web history
  • Check emails
  • Spy on text messages and other media files

The instructions are given in an easy manner which can be followed by anyone. It is easy to install the mSpy software in any phone. The process of setting up one’s own personal account in mSpy website is easy as well. Once the software is purchased, you will be able to start tracking the data as soon as the software is installed.

As a user you will find ease of use in managing calls through this spy software. You can view the incoming as well as outgoing calls, time and duration of the same. It is even possible to restrict incoming calls by this software. For parents who are unable to be with their children all the time but wish to know where they are, with whom and what kind of activities they do on their phone, this cell phone spyware helps them to achieve all that quite easily. Convincing customer reviews and testimonials about mSpy can be found on different forums.

When it comes to PhoneSheriff, this is a software that is popular and even discount codes are found on different forums. That makes it a bargain purchase for most. It is considered optimal for parents who wish to stay on track about the whereabouts of their children and to know the kind of calls and other activities they do on their phones. The app is easily downloaded and remains untraceable. The useful features offered by PhoneSheriff are the following:

  • The software helps to monitor all cell phone activities through the data connection of a phone
  • Contacts, call logs, calendars, incoming and outgoing messages can be tracked easily by this software
  • You can view emails received, websites visited and photo or videos on the target cell phone

PhoneSheriff allows one to gain access to phone data instantly. As soon as data connection is available in the targeted phone, all information is uploaded to the online user account. You will receive all such data promptly.

In short, SpyEra offers feature rich functions and advanced tracking capabilities. It is a higher priced software for the sophisticated tracking features it offers. mSpy on the other hand, is competitively priced and is feature rich, making it a great choice for employers as well as for parents. PhoneSheriff is preferred by most parents for its affordable price and easy to use features which help them monitor the activities of their children.

Spyware Screenshots taken from Mspy Webinterface (click to enlarge)

Overview of a Good Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Smartphones these days are widely used by many people. It is the day and age of mobile phones and everyone uses the device for various purposes. Nowadays, we find parents giving their teens and children mobiles so that they know where they are and can easily communicate with them whenever needed. But, there are many children who sometimes misuse the wonderful device in their hands and can even end up in big trouble for that. Cell phone tracker software is a very easy way to keep tab of the activities that your child does on the Smartphone. This will help you to monitor the messages that your child sends, know their whereabouts, and prevent calls made from suspicious contacts.

Uses of Cell Phone Spy Apps

The mobile monitoring and tracking app is a very useful app for anyone who likes to keep track of a cell phone. You can use this software to monitor the activities of your employees. There are many employees who use company-owned Smartphones to play games, chat on social media, write personal emails and browse various websites during office hours. With the spy app, you will be able to easily track all the activities that take place in your employee’s device. If you feel that your spouse is having an affair with someone or is into some other activities that you are not aware of, then you can install a good spy app on their phone to keep track of all the activities happening through the device. All the messages, photos and videos, contact details, emails, multimedia messages that are sent and received from your spouse’s phone can easily be monitored by you from any remote location.

Spyware must first be installed on the target device that you need to spy. Nowadays, spy apps are compatible with all major mobile platforms like Android, iPhones, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian. You need to have physical access to the targeted mobile to install the monitoring software. Once the software is downloaded and installed, the data will be captured and sent to a secure web account that you can access as the spy app user through your computer or laptop. The spy app works in stealth mode so that the targeted phone user will not be able to find out that the phone is being tracked.

What is now the best Spy phone software for me?

Well it depends on what you are looking for exactly. Following you will find the main features of a good Spy phone software.

Features of a good Spy app

The features of the cell phone spy software differ from one product to another. But, if you are looking to use the best functioning spy app to track a Smartphone, then it must include the following features:

  • Call Logs: To keep track of missed, dialed and received calls along with the date, time and phone numbers.
  • Call Recording: To record certain conversations that you find suspicious.
  • Browsing History: To keep a track of the websites browsed on the cell phone as well as the bookmarked websites.
  • Calendar track: All the important appointments and schedules made on the device can be easily accessed by you from a remote location.
  • Email and SMS Tracking: The multimedia messages, SMS as well as email sent and received on your phone can be tracked by you sitting anywhere.
  • Instant Message Access: All the popular instant messaging chats through Viber, WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook can be viewed by you instantly from a remote location.
  • Blocking websites: Sitting in a remote location, you have the power to block the websites that you feel must not be accessed by the cell phone user.
  • Block Incoming Calls: You can easily block the incoming calls to the cell phone from your spy app account at will.

The following are the advantages of using cell phone monitoring app.

  • You will be able to track the whereabouts of the cell phone user so that you know the exact location of the person in terms of emergency.
  • You can use this to track your friends or colleagues or children in crowded places or when they are lost.
  • It gives you proper business management as you can check if any of your official information is leaked by your employees or not.

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