Crack iPhone and iPad Passcodes and Email

Install FlexiSPY on an iPhone or iPad, and know every time a passcode or password is changed. Crack passwords for Skype, Line, Facebook, iCloud and more..

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Password Cracker for iPad and iPhone

Get their iPhone passcode and passwords, not just temporary access

When it comes to spying on an iPhone or an iPad, FlexiSPY Password Cracker changes everything.

For the first time ever, you can crack the passcode used to unlock the iPhone, and the actual passwords they use for social messaging, emails and applications. This means that you will be able to logon directly to their Facebook, Skype, LINE and email accounts from your own computer.

Regular cell phone monitoring spy software or keyloggers lets you read ‘streaming data’ like instant messages, emails or social network messages — but what they can’t do is give you the passcode to unlock an iPad or the passwords used to log into services like Instagram or iCloud.

And because people are lazy when it comes to passwords— they tend to reuse their same passwords again and again — once you know the passwords and passcodes they’re using to login to these sites it’s a good bet you’ll have almost complete access to all of their data and all of their other accounts.

Install FlexiSPY Password Cracker onto their iPhone or iPad, and you will immediately know the passwords they use, and be notified when they change — even if they are set to automatically login.

Get Password Cracker in three ways.
As a stand alone product — as an option when you buy FlexiSPY PREMIUM — or FREE when you buy FlexiSPY EXTREME.

FlexiSPY password Cracker is available for iPad, iPhones and Android .

Password Cracker vs Keyloggers

Unlike a password cracker. a keylogger can only capture keystrokes — there is no way of knowing for sure if its a password or just a normal word. Even worse, most passwords are saved on the phone the FIRST TIME someone accesses an app — they may never type in the password again and you’ll never know their password. In this case, a keylogger is useless.

FlexiSPY iPad and iPhone Password Grabber goes into the root of the device, where the master passwords are held and grabs all their passwords and delivers them to you — it’s a worlds first for iPhone and available only from FlexiSPY.


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40% of all passwords used are one of just 100 commonly used passwords. 71% of all passwords being used are in the most common 500 words. Chances are once you have one password you’ll have them all.

Password Cracker Gives You More Spying Possibilities

Having their passwords gives you many more options

Login with their passcode so you can access their iPhone or iPad at anytime.

iCloud Service
Login to their iCloud account. Send and receive email, add/remove contacts, send/create pages and much more.

You can login and review their contacts, chats, account balances, saved numbers, chat histories, profile and even use their account.

View their non-published content, timelines, messages and chats, private photos and albums, and (with the password) you can post and delete content at will.

Yahoo Mail
You can view their friends, groups, contact history, chat history, and full account information.

View all messages, groups, contacts, stickers, and even send / receive messages (pretending to be the user)

Benefits to you

  • Always know their account passwords even if you stop your FlexiSPY subscription
  • Knowing their passwords they use will likely get you into other accounts or services
  • You can log directly into their Facebook, LINE, and Skype account from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Keyloggers only record recent keystrokes, most passwords are already stored on the phone. Grabber records the initial password as well
  • Ability to use native application controls (like Facebook Timeline) to see all account activity
  • Password cracker also gets the phones lock screen passcode – if they change this you’ll receive an update as well
  • If they change their passwords you’ll be updated of the new password so you can still login to check activity
  • Ability to share passwords with other interested parties without them having access to your FlexiSPY account


Capture iPhone and iPad passwords and passcodes to gain full access to the device and the services and applications they use.

Captured Passwords

  • iPhone & iPad passcode
  • Email Passwords
    iCloud, MobileMe, Mac, Gmail, AOL, AIM, Hotmail, Live, MSN, Yandex,
  • Application Passwords
    Facebook, FB Messenger, Skype, Yahoo! Mail, LINE, Instagram, iCloud Service, Tumblr, Flickr, Vimeo, Foursquare, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Apple ID, WeChat, Twitter
$ 49 .99 per month

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