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We install better quality 1080p high definition systems. The difference between the equipment we install and those boxed systems start with the attributes and craftsmanship of the internal components all the way down to the cable we use. Our service and knowledge provides the right use and placement of various types of cameras. Because one camera style does not fit all.

  • MissionInstallation of quality equipment and support
  • ServicesOur team is small and delivers personalized service
  • ClientsRestaurants, small business and offices

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Single / Strip Malls




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Don’t let the name Spy Shop mislead you. We’ve been in the security camera service and investigation industry since time lapse VCRs & black and white cameras. We added retail sales of hidden cameras and video recorders to our line up back in 2008 and took on the name Spy Shop when we opened a retail store. The retail side has been closed (sign of the times) and we now just offer online sales and certainly miss the face to face interaction. Service has always been our main focus for security camera systems for small to medium sized businesses. Our core team has been working together for 20 years.


Fair pricing for quality products and service. From 4 camera systems to 24+ camera system. Check out some of our systems and ballpark installation estimates here


Networking can be confusing. Plug and play as they call it is not very secure. Call us if you need help setting up your remote networking and smart devices.


Is your camera system malfunctioning or in need of cleaning or update. We can provide you with the services required to get it back up and running.

Spy Gear

Don’t forget we still offer lots of investigative tools. When you buy something from us you know you got someone to call when you need help. From hidden cameras to GPS trackers we only sell what we know works. To browse Spy Shop equipment click here

Be Proactive. Not Reactive

Take a look at some of our products

Below are some of our products. For installation of security camera systems we can custom design and mix various cameras to suit the needs of a location. By consulting and choosing the right camera this could lower the price the overall costs. Further communication would provide a more accurate estimate.

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HD 1080p

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HD 1080p

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HD 1080p

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HD 1080p

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Net Work IP Camera System

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WiFi Cameras

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Spy Cameras

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Vehicle Trackers

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Things our clients’ say

I should have had these cameras before I got robbed.

Answer: Yes-You should have.

I just knew this was going to happen. It wasn’t a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN. I was thinking about getting cameras a week ago.

Answer: Don’t wait till after the fact.

My boss told me to get this done. He doesn’t care how much it cost. We just got sued. Just put it up.
I am leaving on vacation for a week tomorrow. Last time I think a neighborhood kid broke into my place. I know it was him but have no proof. Can you install a system today? I was going to call you awhile ago.

Answer: You should have called awhile ago. If you want it done right plan ahead.

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