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LGTool (LGETool.exe). LGtool is a program designed to service, unlock and repair most of LG and other brand's phones. It provides features such as: – Repair IMEI – Repair Bluetooth – Repair Phone number(MDN) – Read/Write SID/NID – Dump/Flash NVM – Dump/Flash Security – Unlock phone.


LGtool is a program designed to service, unlock and repair most of LG and other brand’s phones. It provides features such as:
– Repair IMEI
– Repair Bluetooth
– Repair Phone number(MDN)
– Read/Write SID/NID
– Dump/Flash NVM
– Dump/Flash Security
– Unlock phone.

What’s new in version 2.5

Added direct services:
LG V410, V410GO, V411, V490
– Dump/Flash NVM
– Dump/Flash Security
– Unlock
– Repair IMEI
LG D105F, D120G, D120F, D105, D120, D120AR, D120J, D100F, D100J, D100G,
D107F, D100, D100AR, H420, H420F, H422, H422F, H422TV, H320, H320MB, H324,
H324T, H324TR, H326G, H326TV
– Dump/flash Security
– Dump/Flash NVM
– Repair IMEI
– Repair bluetooth
– Read unlock codes
– Unlock
HTC Desire 626, Desire 626G
– Dump/Flash NVM
– Dump/Flash Security
– Read unlock codes
– Unlock
– Repair IMEI
– Repair bluetooth
HTC/B] Desire 310
– Added Dump/Flash Security feature
[b]Added remote services:
Other changes in LGtool app and remote services:
– HTC calc algo improved
– Added more LG's NVM to support area

What’s new in version 2.4

– Added direct support for over 20 LG & HTC models

What’s new in version 2.0

Paid credits feature will work from Dec 26, 2012

What’s new in version 1.8

Added direct unlock for many new Samsing phones, includes Galaxy Note 2!
Added full support for new LG phones, first in the World!
Many more improvements and features for Samsung, includes Galaxy S3 & Tab2!

What’s new in version 1.4

LG VX8360, AX8370, VX8370, VX8560, LU2700, LU4300, LU6000, LU9100, LH8000, LH8600, MC3600
– Flash firmware world first for LU2700, LU4300, LU6000 & LU9100!
– Improved algorithm for LG Remote Calculator.

What’s new in version 1.3

-Added support for almost of HTC phones!
-World first support for LG X350!
-Instant unlock by IMEI/ESN/MSN for LG, Alcatel, -Motorola, Huawei and HTC phones still free!

LG: X350 – World first!
– Calculate unlock codes

HTC: all, except Sensation 4G, Sensation, Legend and Disire HD
– Calculate unlock codes (beta)
New features:

LG: AX310, AX585, CX5500, CX9600, LN240, LX265, MN240, MT310, MX310, UX310, UX585, VX5500, VX9600
– Firmware flashing copies additional system files into file system after burning

Qulacomm LG CDMA models
– Extracting information form flashfile after user has selected it in open dialog

– Alcatel:
– Added 353 new Provider IDs to Alcatel Remote Calculator:
252X-2CVDLK1, 602X-2HALIE1, 355A-2AMVPY1, 385X-2ABGGE1,
385X-2CALRU1, 585X-2DALDE1, 813A-ACLIAR2, 109X-2EALNC1,
901A-2DAVDO3, 810X-2GALNL1, 606X-2IALTN1, 602DX-2CSKID3,
818X-2CALES1, 355X-2FALPL1, 901A-2DCECO3, 665X-2IAEUY1,
813X-2DALBE1, 803X-2EAEUY1, 113X-2CAZTE3, 209X-2KALBE1,
602X-2GYGES5, 808X-2CALUA1, 209X-2ZALBE1, 818X-2GVDMK1,
385JA-2BCECO3, 810X-2CALGR1, 813FX-2DRGPL3, 813FX-2DRGES3,
109X-2ARGVU3, 810X-2CALEU1, 602X-2AALIE1, 255X-2ALDUS1,
808X-2FVDMK1, 813A-2CLDUS1, 306X-2FALUA1, 585DX-2CALEU1,
255X-2AM9MZ1, 606X-2CALKE1, 306A-2CLDUS1, 665X-2BAEUY1,
905A-2BMVSV1, 818X-2BOPNC1, 810A-2CALMX1, 818DX-2BALPL1,
209X-25ALBE1, 819X-2AEBES1, 209X-2DALBE1, 810X-2CRGPL1,
209X-2SALBE1, 306X-2ESFFR1, 810X-2GALRS1, 252X-2DVDLK1,
355A-2BMVPY1, 385X-2BBGGE1, 905A-2ALDUS1, 813A-ADLIAR2,
355X-2AALLK1, 602DX-2DSKID3, 818DX-2DM6LK1, 818X-2DALES1,
665X-2JAEUY1, 602DX-2GSKID1, 585DX-2AALES1, 813X-2EALBE1,
209X-2LALBE1, 901A-2ATGMX1, 602X-2HYGES5, 385JA-2CCECO3,
813FX-2ERGPL3, 813FX-2ERGES3, 109X-2BRGVU3, 602X-2BALIE1,
255X-2BLDUS1, 606X-2CALTN1, 255X-2BM9MZ1, 606X-2DALKE1,
306A-2DLDUS1, 665X-2CAEUY1, 905A-2CMVSV1, 818X-2COPNC1,
818DX-2CALPL1, 209X-26ALBE1, 819X-2BEBES1, 209X-2EALBE1,
602X-2AYGES5, 209X-2TALBE1, 818X-2AVDMK1, 109X-2ETMCV1,
306X-2FSFFR1, 252X-2EVDLK1, 385X-2CBGGE1, 905A-2BLDUS1,
813A-AELIAR2, 355X-2BALLK1, 813FX-2ATBGB1, 602DX-2ESKID3,
818X-2EALES1, 355X-2GATNE1, 602DX-2HSKID1, 585DX-2BALES1,
602X-2GEBES1, 209X-2MALBE1, 901A-2BTGMX1, 585DX-2AALAP1,
818A-2ATLUY1, 109X-2CRGVU3, 585DX-2AALFR1, 602X-2CALIE1,
255X-2CLDUS1, 819X-2AALBE1, 606X-2DALTN1, 255X-2CM9MZ1,
606X-2EALKE1, 306A-2ELDUS1, 109X-2ET2CV1, 109X-2EALPT1,
585DX-2AALEG1, 602DX-2ASKID1, 818X-2DOPNC1, 818DX-2DALPL1,
385X-2AALEU0, 209X-2FALBE1, 602X-2BYGES5, 606X-2KALEU1,
209X-2UALBE1, 818X-2BVDMK1, 808X-2AVDMK1, 109X-2EALIR1,
252X-2FVDLK1, 306X-2AALUA1, 506A-2ALDUS1, 905A-2CLDUS1,
813FX-2BTBGB1, 385DX-2DBGRU1, 602DX-2FSKID3, 385A-2AALMX0,
385JA-2AALUS2, 810X-2CALPL1, 818X-2FALES1, 585DX-2CALES1,
109X-2ERGKE9, 355DX-2AVDGH1, 385DX-2AALRU1, 602X-2HEBES1,
209X-2NALBE1, 901A-2CTGMX1, 109X-2EALEU1, 585DX-2BALAP1,
803A-2FTGMX1, 818A-2BTLUY1, 109X-2DRGVU3, 585DX-2BALFR1,
602X-2DALIE1, 255X-2DLDUS1, 813A-2FLDUS1, 109X-2EG2GW3,
810X-2CALNL1, 819X-2BALBE1, 606X-2EALTN1, 255X-2DM9MZ1,
606X-2FALKE1, 306A-2FLDUS1, 799A-2ATLGT3, 355X-2AATNE1,
585DX-2BALEG1, 602DX-2BSKID1, 818X-2EOPNC1, F152X-2BSFEU0,
818DX-2EALPL1, 803X-2AAEUY1, 385X-2BALEU0, 602X-2AEBES1,
209X-2GALBE1, 602X-2CYGES5, 209X-2VALBE1, 818X-2CVDMK1,
808X-2BVDMK1, 665X-2AOTFA1, 506A-2AMVHNA, 306X-2BALUA1,
506A-2BLDUS1, 813FX-2CTBGB1, 385DX-2EBGRU1, 602DX-2GSKID3,
385A-2BALMX0, 385JA-2BALUS2, 818X-2GALES1, 706X-2AAEUY1,
819A-2AUFMX1, 385X-2AALEU1, 585DX-2DALES1, 355DX-2BVDGH1,
385DX-2BALRU1, 813A-2FIMMX1, 901A-2DTGMX1, 706X-2AALUA1,
585DX-2CALAP1, 803A-2GTGMX1, 306X-2ASFFR1, 818A-2CTLUY1,
810X-2GALGR1, 109X-2ERGVU3, 810X-2CALRS1, 585DX-2CALFR1,
602X-2ETNME1, 665X-2IOTFA1, 813A-2GLDUS1, 818DX-2AALEU1,
585X-2AALDE1, 901A-2AAVDO3, 606X-2FALTN1, 819A-2AIMMX1,
585DX-2AALEU0, 105X-2AVDRO1, 606X-2GALKE1, 109X-2EALRU1,
799A-2BTLGT3, 355X-2BATNE1, 901A-2ACECO3, 585DX-2CALEG1,
602DX-2CSKID1, 818X-2FOPNC1, 606X-2IALFR1, 818DX-2FALPL1,
813X-2AALBE1, 803X-2BAEUY1, 385X-2CALEU0, 602X-2BEBES1,
209X-2HALBE1, 602X-2DYGES5, 810X-2GRGPL1, 209X-2WALBE1,
818X-2DVDMK1, 813FX-2ARGPL3, 813FX-2ARGES3, 808X-2CVDMK1,
665X-2BOTFA1, 506A-2BMVHNA, 109X-2EVDFJ1, 306X-2CALUA1,
813FX-2DTBGB1, 602DX-2HSKID3, 385A-2CALMX0, 385JA-2CALUS2,
F152X-2BSFEU1, 706X-2BAEUY1, 109X-2EALUA1, 819A-2BUFMX1,
385X-2BALEU1, 209X-2AALBE1, 385DX-2CALRU1, 109X-2EM1TE9,
813A-2GIMMX1, 109X-2ERGTE9, 209X-2PALBE1, 706X-2BALUA1,
585DX-2DALAP1, 803A-2HTGMX1, 306X-2BSFFR1, 818A-2DTLUY1,
252X-2AVDLK1, 585DX-2DALFR1, 602X-2FTNME1, 665X-2JOTFA1,
385X-2AALRU1, 813A-2HLDUS1, 818DX-2BALEU1, 585X-2BALDE1,
813A-AALIAR2, 901A-2BAVDO3, 606X-2GALTN1, 819A-2BIMMX1,
602DX-2ASKID3, 585DX-2BALEU0, 105X-2BVDRO1, 606X-2HALKE1,
818X-2AALES1, 901A-2BCECO3, 585DX-2DALEG1, 602DX-2DSKID1,
818X-2GOPNC1, 818DX-2GALPL1, 813X-2BALBE1, 803X-2CAEUY1,
602X-2CEBES1, 113X-2AAZTE3, 209X-2IALBE1, 808X-2AALUA1,

– bug fixed:
– Program crush on indian models disconnect fixed
– PRL restoring bug fixed

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