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As a business owner or parent, it is often a concern for you to know what your employees or children get up to when using their cell phones. Cell phone monitoring software is the solution to ensuring that you know what activities their phones are being used for. This way of observation can be so discreet that the person or child you are watching will not even know that you are doing it and you can have peace of mind knowing what they get up to.

Limitless Access
With modern advances in technology, cell phones can do so much more now than they could in the past. They are almost as good as having a computer in the palm of your hand, and with such limitless access many problems can arise. Employees using company issued phones can abuse their privileges by using the phone for personal reasons or even inappropriate activities, while you as the employer have to cover the extra costs of non-work related activities. The same is true if you are a parent. Your children can be wasting money by excessive phoning and social networking, and there is the added concern of not being able to censor what activities they get up to with their phones.

A Solution
By being able to use cell phone monitoring software, you are able to track all the activities that the person or child is using their phone for. This software can be used to monitor any cell phone that has Bluetooth ability and is very discreet. There are many online sites that allow you to use this service by paying a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription fee. Through using the internet this powerful service will make sure that you can monitor and ensure that your employee or child is using their phone appropriately. It gives you visibility and control over what activities and access will be allowed to take place through the cellular device, whether you decide to inform the user or not.

Means of control:
• Billing: The service of this software will allow you to see exactly what you are being billed for. Such as text messaging, browsing on the internet, phone calls and downloads.
• Live notifications: Another feature you can use is to choose to be notified immediately if the cell phone user is texting or making a call, allowing you to know exactly when the phone is in use.
• Restriction: This service will make it possible for you to restrict the amount of access and activities the phone can be used for, as well as block any inappropriate content or activities.
• Close supervision: You will also be informed of all the key strokes on the phone, any camera activities and any other content you will want to have observation power over.

Through cell phone monitoring software you as the owner of a business or as a parent can be have complete peace of mind. By suing this service you will be assured that you will have full control and knowledge of your child’s or employees’ activities and usage of their phones.

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