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Phonesheriff is the best mobile monitoring app to protect your children, family or your business. read my review before you buy this application

Phonesheriff App Review. Protect Your Business And Your Family

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    We now live in a digital age which brings on great responsible to parents and businesses that utilize technology on a regular basis. If you feel as if you lost control of knowing what your child or employee is doing on their mobile devices when you are not looking, then PhoneSheriff is the all-in-one solution that will help you regain control and become the master of your company or families digital world. With plenty of social media platforms and different avenues for employees or children to waste their time, it’s critical that you know what’s going on. Let’s take a closer look at what PhoneSheriff is about and how it can change your perception of the digital world forever.

    Basic Features of PhoneSheriff

    The PhoneSheriff app is absolutely powerful and contains everything you need to regain control of the digital world. It does this by utilizing its amazing features that can be accessed with just a tap of the finger or only a mouse click away. Let’s look at the main features of PhoneSheriff first.

    Multiple Device Management

    When you have multiple kids or employees to monitor, it can become difficult to analyze all of the data if you must view it separately. Luckily the developers of PhoneSheriff have made this process simple! Easily sign in from multiple types of devices from tablets to PCs, sign in with one username, and view every device you have PhoneSheriff installed on. This makes viewing all of your devices simple, concise and works especially well for companies or large families. You cannot only view all the devices on one screen, but you can also take action and use every function available on this powerful application.

    Back Up and Restore Data Remotely

    It’s a well-known fact that the majority of us have sensitive data on our mobile devices that require our constant attention. In the past, backing up that data was a tedious process that would even challenge the tech savvy in nature. PhoneSheriff has changed this process in its entirety. All you have to do is access your mobile devices via the convenient control panel and click “back up”, then it will automatically send the data to a file folder for your convenience. You can even restore a phone to it’s out of the box original glory remotely by restoring factory settings through the revolutionary remote control panel.

    Never lose contacts again

    Most of us in the digital age will admit that we don’t really memorize phone numbers or other contact details anymore, after all that’s our phones job right? The problem is, like anything else, mobile phones can fail, and when that happens, you can literally lose all of your contacts in one shot. PhoneSheriff completely erases this problem by automatically backing up your phone contacts. The best part is that it does not only back up your contacts, but it also automatically saves important calendar information that was previously only stored on your smartphone. That way you never forget important business meetings or other special events in your life.

    PhoneSheriff Business Advantages

    We now live in a world economy that is increasingly becoming more and more competitive as the years go by. Unfortunately social media and other websites are hypnotizing your workers into spending countless hours per week drifting away from work and spending time on less productive task. As a matter of fact, studies reveal that 73% of staff members among the ages 18 to 35, admitted wasting time at the office on a regular basis. Now let’s take a look at how the PhoneSheriff app can regain productivity.

    Employee GPS Monitoring

    Ever wonder where your employees are when you need them most. This is a common scenario for companies that employ workers who drive company vehicles and are not always pinned down in one office where they can be easily monitored. PhoneSheriff eliminated this problem by unleashing your mobile phone or tablets full GPS potential. Literally every thirty minutes, PhoneSheriff will send a report back to you with a timestamp and location of where your employee is at. At your convenience, you can request this powerful app to send you a location when you send an SMS message to the phone. Whatever the case may be implementing GPS tracking software will help your bottom line!

    Secure trade secrets

    Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects to business is developing your own plan and products. Your uniqueness as a company gives you an advantage that you can use to forge your business from the ground up. Unfortunately if an employee accesses or shares these ideas for their own benefit to other parties, it can damage your intellectual property and the rights to implement it. PhoneSheriff once again tackles this problem by allowing you to encrypt and secure your data from employees. You cannot only monitor each employee’s access to classified data, but you can also make a keyword trigger system where if they search for a particular keyword you will be alerted. This way you will always know what your employees are digging for on their mobile or tablet devices. But of course, as the company owner, you have to use the program based on the proper authorization. So you are recommended to notify and let your employees know that their mobile devices are being monitored.

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    PhoneSheriff Children Advantages

    With so many harmful influences being fed all over the internet, do you really know if your kids are safe from the dangers of the cyber world? Many parents feel absolutely powerless when it comes to digitally accessed information. PhoneSheriff changed this completely and here is how.

    Monitor SMS and Call Information

    Never fret again over what your child or teenager may be reading or typing over his/her phone or tablet. With PhoneSheriff you can easily monitor what your child is doing without them even knowing you are monitoring in to make sure they are safe. The best part is that PhoneSheriff does not rely on the internal memory of the phone in order to save the logs. Like every other feature, it automatically sends you reports of every SMS message and vital call log information to your central control panel. That way even if the child deletes the logs on the phone, you still get them and can keep them for your needed.

    Child Safety Panic Alert Feature

    You never actually know in life when trouble will strike, but when the time comes, you and your child can be ready and armed with PhoneSheriff. One of the best overall features for a parent and child is called the “Panic Alert Button”. Basically this feature is readily available for the child to press if there was an issue or emergency. You as the parent will instantly be alerted within your state of the art control panel. It will not only alert you that your child is in danger, but it will also send you critical data like the child’s last GPS location and it will continue to monitor their location insuring you can easily find them.

    Application Control Features

    While app stores like Google Play or the iPhone app store are loaded with excellent applications, there’s still plenty of applications that are not family friendly and can be especially harmful for your child. Previously your child or teenager could download a myriad of bad games or sexually explicit content without you even knowing. With the PhoneSheriff app, you can literally block the games and other applications that are not suitable for your child’s eyes. It will not only block it, but it won’t also even allow them to download it to begin with thus protection your child.


    When you want to take back control over cyberspace and know exactly what your children or employees are doing, then nothing beats the awesome power of PhonesSheriff. Every feature mentioned here is monitored and reported to you in real time. That means that all data is streamed live right to your control panel. If you are ready to take back monitoring without blatantly interfering with the privacy of your employees or underage child, the PhoneSheriff is a must have!

    Click Here to Visit the Official Site of PhoneSheriff ” target=”_self” href=””>==> Click Here to Visit the Official Site of PhoneSheriff

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