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Free Reverse Cell Phone Number lookup? is the grandfather of all of the reverse phone lookup services. Yes they were the first and they have weathered the test of time outlasting all of the other competitors! has the largest database, and they have been doing a very good job not only with upgrading and maintaining the database but also with improving the user interface as well. (For this reason they have been bumped up to the number 1 position in our ranking protocol!)

They have been the most trusted cell phone lookup services on the internet for many years! I also like the fact that you have access to a real investigator and other tools if you need them.

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(updated For January 2016)

January 2016 UPDATE:
Phone Detective’s database and user interface has been updated.

Customer satisfaction has improved even more.

Cell Phone

NOTE: Cell Phone Registry is temporarily unavailable.
Please use Phone Detective in the meantime.
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Cell Phone Registry has made several upgrades to their already easy to use user interface. They have also improved on their huge database. It is also good to note that they update their database on a regular basis.

This reverse lookup service has been regarded by many users as the most reliable reverse cell phone lookup service available today. Why is that? The telecom industry is a fast-moving industry, which means that a good reverse cell phone lookup service simply has to keep up with the changes. does this.

One thing I noticed when using this service is that it searches telephone numbers with blazing speed. As mentioned earlier the user interface is tops in industry, and the same can be said when you talk about their customer service.

One area where they truly dominate is with regards to their accuracy in performing reverse cell phone lookups. This however is only the half of it, once you log into your account you have access to scores of other research tools.

Cell phone registry is definitely a good choice along with Phone Detective, for all of your cell phone and record research needs.

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NOTE: Cell Phone Registry is temporarily unavailable.
Please use Phone Detective in the meantime.
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Reverse Phone

Noted for having international databases for the UK and Canada just to mention a few. So this may be good choice if you need to do a search in any one of those countries.. has a decent user interface, but has less features and a much smaller database thus the lower rating. The Customer service is so so as well.

NOTE: Due to poor customer service Reverse Mobile is no longer available.
Please use Phone Detective for all of your search needs.

Reverse Phone Ferret

Reverse Phone Ferret is a new comer to the reverse phone number lookup scene. I have heard good reviews about it but as usual will have to let time pass a bit so as to render judgment on this new comer. After which we will do a full review.

Initial testing does show that it performs well.

entered June 2015

As of Jan 2016. Doesn’t look so good 🙁

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Phone Detective

Many people these days are looking for the best reverse cell phone lookup service that they can find. But a question that we can ask ourselves is, why are these reverse lookup services being used by so many people?

Here is a real life experience: (Not fake or made up!)

I know someone very dear to me that got very close to a guy without really getting to know him and without doing a reverse cell phone lookup or a criminal background check on him. Before long they were married. Initially things were going fairly well in their relationship. However, with the economic downturn he started to show his true colors. Without her knowing it he started to engage in criminal activities. He took out an equity loan on the house and then engaged in questionable business practices using some of his many aliases. Yeah the guy had aliases!

Yes this guy had a big time criminal record! Imagine how much pain and anguish this would have saved her just by spending a couple of dollars on a reverse cell lookup and then later doing a criminal background check.

Unfortunately, the above experience is a lot more common than you might think. So really, whatever your need might be with regard to doing a simple reverse cell number lookup you can rest assured that you will save a lot of time and money using one of these high rated mobile number lookup services. Don’t settle for second best.

Here Are a Few Tips For Doing a
Free Reverse Cell Number Lookup

First: Go to your favorite search engine and type in the telephone numbers that are in question. First without quotation marks and then with them – as illustrated below:

1. 555 555 5555
2. 555 “555 5555”
3. 555 “5555555”
4. 555 “555 5555” + City + State
5. 555 “5555555” + City + State
6. “5555555” + City + State
7. Intext: 555 5555 (Without Quotes) + City + State

You will notice that each time the result quantity will go down

This is when you really start to narrow it down, it is also when you might see some specific names come up.

Note: "Quotation marks” forces the search engines to show only that number. Without the use of quotation marks you will come up with a lot of information that you are not concerned about.

Next. Try Searching in the online forums. There are services that help you to search all of them at once. here are just a few. – if it is available and try to do the same type of searches as above.

Next. Do the following if you are trying to determine which area or city they are calling from: Type in the 3 numbers of the area code followed by the words "area code" like this:

Click on

Notice the Red Area. This red area indicates the approximate location where the cell phone owner lives.

On the left you will notice a column, this shows you the actual name of the city

(Here is a screen shot of the 917 Area Code Below)

NEW: Try a Crisis search. Do this especially after finding out the exact area that the person is living in using the area code search tip above. So after you know the city where the number is from, go to, click on the city and then simply type in the phone number with the area code in the search bar.

You will be surprised at the results. Persons put their numbers there because they want to sell something. After this you can email them or call them, it’s really up to you. Just be courteous please.

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