Reviews of Highster Mobile, Auto-Forward Spy, Easy Spy are the Same Company

Reviews of AutoForwardSpy: I was surfing the internet and came across a site operated by a big-bodybuilder-type of guy, that provided reviews of spy apps.

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Highster Mobile and Auto-Forward Spy – SAME COMPANY!

I was surfing the internet and came across a site supposedly operated by a big-bodybuilder-type of guy, that provided reviews of spy apps. Supposedly he has been involved with spy apps for “seven years”. Congratulations, I say!

But then he said this :

“I have used just about every cell phone spyware available on the Internet”

Holy Cow! Really? I’m already into this experiment of mine to the tune of $1,000USD, and I have only used/tested a few of the apps on the market!

So that is when light bulbs went off, and I began to downgrade my trust of the information contained on his site. So I kept reading.

He reports that Highster Mobile is “the best” for a variety of reasons. To make the review look plausible, he lists a feature that Highster doesn’t have as a negative aspect of the app. And if you can’t find the Highster site, he has a link you can click on … guess what kind of link. Affiliate link where get gets paid commission by …. HIGHSTER MOBILE.

Ok, so now I am curious. If Highster Mobile is his “number one”, which app is “number two”? That position is held by a spy app called “Auto Forward Spy “. I read that name and asked out loud, “WHO. ” It is not a name I have ever heard or read about.

UPDATE 10-25-15: “sure point spy ” is also Highster mobile, as is “easyspy ” and “gravityspy “! Except that the sure point webpage hasn’t been updated, and features listed, such as call recording, have been REMOVED from the software.

Open a new window and surf over to the “auto-forward spy app” web page. Read halfway down and find the testimonials. The first testimonial is from HIGHSTER MOBILE — they forgot to change the name of the app in their fictitious testimonial! And at the bottom, you can see the app is made by “ILF” — the same company as Highster Mobile.

Back to the review website. Surprise, surprise! Another affiliate link to the “auto-forward spy app” site. The “number one” and “number two” on this review site are the same software with different names and are accessible through affiliate links that pay commission to the site owner.

Lets look at “number 3” in the list. Maybe that will be a different spy app! Number 3 is “EASY SPY”. Hmmmm. It has the same price as the others. That is weird.

Again, open a new browser window, surf to the easyspy website and read the fine print at the bottom of the page. Owned by ILF (again).

And of course, the original “review” website has a link to “easy spy” — and certainly no surprise to anyone by now — it is an affiliate link where the site owner earns commission.

So there you have it. A “SPY APP REVIEW SITE” by this “down to earth bodybuilder” who would never tell a lie. He reviews the top 3 spy apps on the internet. Amazingly, they are the same exact spy app sold under different names — and sold through his affiliate links so he gets commission.

I continued to read some of his “informative” articles, and was surprised that it was the same information from Highster Mobile’s website, including a discussion on how parents can “block” apps and programs using spy apps.

WAIT A MINUTE! You can’t block any apps in Highster! I went back to the control panel for my account (yes, I uninstalled highster, but the control panel access doesn’t go away) and checked. There is no such feature in Highster Mobile. I think someone goofed on that post.

We are a Spy App Review Site with REAL, HONEST REVIEWS, and a “diary” of our activities and experience with the various apps we have tested.

THAT IS WHY ELINKS DOES NOT HAVE ANY DIRECT, CLICKABLE LINKS TO THE SPY APPS. We do not earn commission from any spy app. What you read on this site can be trusted — because we have no ulterior motives.

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