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SPI is a process for successful planning of sales, production, and inventories—extremely important in the ERP environment.

In the Lean Manufacturing world, it’s even more critical—by orders of magnitude.

Manufacturing companies are discovering the keys to global competitiveness. Those who successfully apply the technologies and philosophies of Lean manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are running away from the competition. There is no lack of knowledge about these tools, yet many manufacturers falter, and often fail outright, in implementation attempts.

Q: Why is it so difficult to fully implement these superbly beneficial technologies?

A: Though it’s acknowledged that for Lean Manufacturing and ERP to work, top-level planning must be sound. But the process is complex and difficult. Data resides in different departments, the mechanics of effective SPI planning aren’t well understood, and companies lack proper planning tools.

SPI is usually computer based providing aggregate planning of sales, production, and inventory at the product family level.

Even the most complex manufacturing situation can be effectively controlled with the help of carefully developed SPI reports. Having data and historical performance in one easy-to-understand report enables fast, quality decisions for validity and stability.


  • Review Month-End Results
  • • Inventory
  • • Customer Orders
    • Customer Shipments
    • Production
    SPI Coordination Meeting
    • Update Customer Order Forecast
    • Update Shipment Forecast
    • Review Inventory/Backlog Status
    • Establish Monthly Production Plan
    SPI Management Review
    • Capacity Analysis
    • Financial Analysis
    • Manufacturing Plan
    • Executive Summary
    Establish Master Production Schedule
    Run MRP and Execute


SPI planning will move you quickly toward achieving the full benefits of your Lean/ERP programs:

  • • Higher Quality Products
  • • Lower Unit Costs
  • • Improved Asset Utilization
  • • Better Customer Service

This success will come as top management teamwork develops around the SPI planning process. We have talked for years about top management involvement in Lean manufacturing and ERP. Now, TCA has programs to provide that critical support. With effective SPI you can close the gap and pave the way for World Class performance.


TCA has developed an approach to implementing SPI with minimum disruption and expense. Our team of SPI experts, systems developers, and training specialists will provide support throughout implementation; TCA’s capabilities include:

    • Deep Expertise in SPI, Lean Manufacturing, and ERP
    • Structured SPI Policies and Procedures
    • Systems Development
    – Requirements Definition
    – Programming Support
    • Implementation Support
    – Education and Training
    – Technical Assistance

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