Sales Tracking Software for Outlook & Email

Salesforce for Outlook integrates your CRM system with Outlook. You can track your sales activities, customer meetings, and tasks using Salesforce for Outlook.

Email Tracking from Salesforce.

With email tracking features from Salesforce Sales Cloud, you can actually integrate many of the functions of Sales Cloud right into your inbox. This innovative email management feature of Sales Cloud gives you a complete view of customers right inside Outlook and lets you sync emails instantly into Salesforce so you can keep your entire team up to date.

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Email Integration

Use Lightning for Outlook to sync important emails.

Every business relies on email to connect with customers. Our Outlook CRM software integration gives you a complete view of your customer. Sync emails instantly to Salesforce, keeping your entire team up to date.

Create new deals on the fly.

Lightning for Outlook works the way you do. Bring any business process right inside of your favorite email application, like creating new deals or customer support requests, with just a click.

View contacts and calendars across every device.

Your calendar drives your day. Don’t waste time on data entry. Lightning Sync keeps your Outlook, mobile device, and Salesforce calendars in sync seamlessly. Add rich context to every meeting invite and contact inside Outlook with no effort required.

Sell Smarter From Your Inbox With SalesforceIQ.

SalesforceIQ brings the power of the world’s #1 CRM platform to email. With sales intelligence built-in, our suite of apps streamline the rep’s workflow, allowing them to update pipeline data in real time, move deals forward faster, and get insights to close more deals. Whether you’re on the go or at your desk, sell smarter with SalesforceIQ.

Send emails from the feed.

Salesforce Email Composer allows you to quickly email your critical contacts, from anywhere. Email templates are easily accessable. Reps can create their own templates on the fly. Track the full email trail in your deal timeline.

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