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Sales Performance International – SPI is a global sales performance improvement firm. The company’s history is interesting. Mike Bosworth created and founded Solution Selling ® in 1983 based on his experience at Xerox. Keith Eades, SPI’s CEO, became a Solution Selling ® affiliate and founded SPI in 1988. Both Solution Selling ® and SPI were acquired in the late 1990s, and in 2001 the SPI management team bought back both SPI and Solution Selling ®. Mike Bosworth went on to become co-founder of Customer Centric Systems. SPI has assisted over one million sales professionals in over 50 countries and 14 languages.


SPI is focused on global companies who sell high-value solutions to sophisticated buyers, such as business and financial services, technology, telecommunications, manufacturing and life sciences. The company believes strongly in continual learning, and offers some of the most comprehensive offerings for developing sales professionals over an extended timeframe for measurable performance improvement. SPI is flexible at integrating its processes and methodologies into each client’s business, and has a highly robust measurement methodology.

Core Sales Training Programs

SPI offers a comprehensive library of courses, public workshops and reinforcement solutions that they customize to the client’s needs. They also have programs that are targeted specifically for small and mid-sized businesses, and they have created a version of Solution Selling ® adapted specifically for life sciences companies.

  • Solution Selling 2.0 is SPI’s flagship program, but it is really a sales process that consists of a philosophy, a map, a methodology and a sales management system. The program is a revision of their traditional Solution Selling program, updated to account for much more informed and educated buyers who use technology and search engines to guide them through the buying process. As the buying process has changed, so must the selling process. Solution Selling ® 2.0 has been the definitive approach for moving from selling products to selling and marketing high value solutions.

Participants in the program learn how to:

  • Describe the impact the evolved buyer has upon selling
  • Explain three important, emerging sales roles and their related skills
  • Apply elements of social media and other enabling technologies in selling
  • Apply modern approaches to planning and demand creation
  • Demonstrate techniques for conducting consultative sales conversations
  • Describe how to position differentiation and value to customers
  • Demonstrate how to address competitive selling situations
  • Explain techniques for gaining access to decision-makers
  • Apply methods for controlling sales cycles and mitigating buyer risk

Other Sales Training Programs

SPI offers a full Solution Selling ® Learning Library —an integrated curriculum for skills and knowledge improvement for sales reps and managers. Modules can be selectively applied to meet skills gaps, or for an end-to-end educational platform for all roles in the sales organization. Programs range from prospecting to opportunity management, negotiations, account management, territory management and a full array of sales management and coaching programs.

One of SPI’s most impressive offerings is SellingStream ™—a steady stream of continual learning and reinforcement for specific selling and management roles, and one of the best-thought-through systems in the industry.

Delivery Options

SPI offers delivery of many of its programs through instructor-led workshops, virtual instructor-led training, public seminars, eLearning and books and in nearly every major language. The Full Solution SPI offers sales process consulting, sales talent assessments, technology to embed its process into CRM workflows, and measurement methodologies.

Advice to Sales Training Buyers

Implementing a new methodology, such as Solution Selling 2.0 ®. to get everyone “singing from the same song sheet” may be a major change for your people and your organization. Don’t underestimate the time, effort and commitment at all levels that will be necessary to adopt a new approach. Adopting with consistency and upskilling your people will pay dividends, but it requires patience, persistence and discipline to get there.

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