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Spy all android based samsung phones with samsung spy software. Read text, view phonebook, track location, listen live calls, track url, see pictures and more.

Best Samsung Cell Spy and Tracking Software

Our software will help you look after “Your VIP – Your Very Important People”. Who did your kids talk to tonight? Not just face to face but using their cell phones. How about the rest of your family? How much time did they spend on Facebook, twitter and YouTube? What about darker corners of the internet filled with questionable content? No matter who you are, you got VIPs to monitor and protect.

Spying cell activities is the need of the hour. As a user you would have already uncovered that it’s difficult to maintain this operation with the already installed software. So we have come up with a product that will allow you to track anything on the phone from text messages to GPS locations, all hidden.

Compatible Samsung Mobile Phones

Our application is fully appropriate with most of the Samsung Android Products like Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Beam, Note 2, Wave 3, S3 Mini, Galaxy R and a lot more.

Setting up on Phone

Samsung Cell Spy Software is easy to install and it takes just few seconds to do so. Setting up process is indeed simple and guarantees hassle free steps.

So, What Kind of Samsung Spy Features You Will Get With Imobispy?

Imobispy Samsung Spy allows you to monitor all samsung android phone with OS 2.3 or higher. You can even track the latest phone by samsung i.e. Samsung Galaxy S4 or the one running on 2.3 gingerbread android operating system. Below listed some of the features that will be offered by Imobispy click and check out the features.

Phone Tracking
With this feature you can track all calls made and received from the person's phone you are spying on. Detailed time stamp is also provided along with dialed/received numbers.

Track sent and received messages
Read all sent and received messages from the phone of the person whom you are spying on. Even if the person immediately deletes the messages it will be stored on a remote server from where you can access it.

Email Spying
You can spy on mails sent through phone. So if your employee is using his blackberry to send discrete messages to your competitors, you can stay informed. You can also feed him false information so that you always stay one step ahead of your competitors.

GPS Trackers
Gps trackers help you track the location of the target. So once you read messages and know your kid is planning to meet up with someone at a given time, with gps tracker you can find out exactly where.

Phone Book Access
Gain complete access to your target’s phonebook. Whenever there is a new entry you will know and if you find it suspicious you can follow up with that number to find out.

Url Tracking
Through this feature you can spy all the browsing history of your targeted cell phone. You can check the URLs through your imobispy account.

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Imobispy ( With Additional Features )

Call Listening
This is one of the latest features to be included in Imobispy. You can listen to phone conversations that are made from your target’s phone.

Environment Listening
Environment listening allows you to listen all the surrounded voices comes from your targeted cell phone when he or she is talking on the phone. These conversations will be sent to your unique account and you can listen this whenever you want.

Facebook Tracking
Facebook is a social networking site or you can say giant and is used by all age groups users. It doesn’t matter who are your targets. It is pretty sure that all of them uses Facebook.

Viber Tracking
Imobispy can also track the text messages sent and received via viber. It can also track calls made via viber, exchange of photos and group chat.

Blackberry Messenger Tracking
Imobispy is a wondrous spying software that lets you see and monitor the BlackBerry Messenger Chats and conversation. Whatever chats are done via the target BlackBerry smartphone, will get displayed to you.

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My wife was texting someone in the middle of the night and she never let go of her phone. I tried to get hold of her phone but could not as she always clung on to it. So though I had high suspicions I could never confirm it. But with Imobispy sms tracking facility now I know she was texting her brother about some family problem. I can just imagine what kind of trouble our marriage would have landed up in if I had confronted her with my unconfirmed suspicions.
Ryan (Indiana, USA)

All my company’s sensitive data was being continually leaked to our top competitors who were giving us a real hard time for the last year. We made new strategies, reformed them time and over but still were being ripped apart by our top competitors. Finally, I installed Imobispy in every employee’s phone while they were in a meeting and within no time I found the mole. The leak was immediately combated and thanks to Imobispy.
Jack (New York, USA)

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