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Satellite Phone Store is the largest sat phone provider with brands including Iridium, Globalstar, Thuraya, Inmarsat, Intellian & more

Satellite Phone Store – Sat Phone Rentals & Services – Worldwide Coverage

Dear Phil: I live in a world that has been ravaged by extreme cold, ice, snow, tornados, flooding, excessive heat and drought, and now snake bites and medical emergencies at times. You would think this hostile environment was in a third world country. But, it’s right here in the plains of America. There are not many cell towers out here, due to the low density population. In fact, many small towns have shut down. Even lost their post offices. Communications in the world today as we know of, has become paramount in providing essential living and emergency services. One person this past spring, lost a leg due to snake bite, because cell service was spotty or nonexistent at times. Enter the satellite phones from the Satellite Phone Store. more.

Jaime O

Dear Sue, I cannot tell you how great it was to have your Iridium Satellite phones during our latest “APACHE POWERBOAT” historical event. The race boat Apache Star on August 1, 2015 broke the 50 year old World Speed Record from Key West, Florida to Havana, Cuba with one of your phones on board. We had one phone on the Apache Star race boat and took a second phone with us in the helicopter to Havana. Unfortunately after the Record was broken in Havana, the boat hit something submerged in the harbor and suffered damage to both of its propellers and had to be removed from the water for repairs. more.

John Oros

The Satellite Phone Store was very helpful in selecting equipment, verifying specifications on equipment by actual testing, and supporting the equipment the project used. The Two Eagles Cross the Pacific by Gas Balloon project rented an Iridium Extreme phone, an Inmarsat Fleet Broadband 150 terminal, and bought an Iridium GO to support the Pacific crossing.

The Two Eagles Cross the Pacific

Mickey demonstrates the use of Satellite communication electronic gear generously sponsored by the good people of the Satellite Phone Store, Sarasota Florida Thank you all at SPS company. Your support has provided an exciting opportunity for people from around the world to follow Mickey along the jungles of the Amazon, and participate in LIVE Satellite broadcasting chat he conducted in support to those who battle cancer!

THANK YOU Satellite phone store Sarasota Florida for your support!

I’d have to say that the customer service I received from the Satellite Phone Store was top notch. Very friendly and willing to listen to, and answer, all of my questions. My emails were answered in a reasonable amount of time and communication during the procurement process was on point. Mr. Ryan Garces setup a company profile on our eProcurement website immediately upon notification to do so, and offered us equipment to take on trips around the State of Alaska for testing. The Iridium calling and data plans can be a little confusing, but Mr.

Ron Frazier DOT/PF, MS/CVE IT

Hi Sue, I didn’t think I’d need my sat phone so soon (if ever!) but a week ago I was hiking with my husband and some friends in Big Sur when a guy came running toward us asking if he could use our phone because his didn’t work and his dad was up the trail experiencing a heart attack.


That it worked so incredibly well. It was easy to figure out for someone tech-challenged. Can’t think of anything right now. Would definitely recommend to others.

Duane B. Alameda, CA

World Aid has been a customer of Whenever Communications LLC DBA: since October 2007 and currently there are 11 SATCOM systems in the field supported by their services.

William Gardner, President of World Aid

I am enclosing with this letter the return of my Iridium 9500 rental package. The package was originally due to your store on January 18. Last week I called and spoke to one of your representative (a) to make sure the phone would not be turned off if it was kept beyond the rental period and (b) to adjust the 25 minute pre-purchased bundle of minutes to a 180 minute bundle (which may still be inadequate).

Douglas E. S.

I’ve become actively engaged in the process of providing help to the victims of the devastating earthquake that killed over 400.000 of our Haitian brothers back in January 2010. Back then, your company provided me with assistance and the products to execute my communication efforts during that time of crisis. Thanks to the satellite phone I purchased from you, I was able to connect hundreds of survivors who were desperate to locate other family members in the middle of such horrible tragedy.

Richard Y.

Hey Eric! Just a quick msg to let you know the Isat Hub ROCKS! Even from the middle of the river in a dugout canoe. Thanks so much for all of your help. Love this thing. All Best, Sally

Sally Coxe – Bonobo Conservation Initiative

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