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11 reviews of Scotlandyard The Spy Shop "I love to browse through stores like this. It's just amazing what cutesy little spy thingys you can get. Closed circut TV, tiny spy cameras etc. Wanna play 007? Then this is the place to go. You've heard…

Scotlandyard The Spy Shop

I went to the store looking for something to give me some peace of mind when walking home late after work. The staff gave me all the info I needed about the various pepper sprays, knives, stun guns, and tasers in order for me to make the decision on what was best suited for my needs. I didn't feel like they were just trying to sell me the most expensive thing, which was what I was expecting. They asked questions and made sure to lead me to what would make me feel most comfortable and safe. Awesome!

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I purchased a product from the Scotland Yard Spy Shop from David Currie (owner). He sold it to me in an unmarked box without proper operating instructions. The shop price tag was $249.95. I asked him how to operate it and he struggled and the instructions were in random English.

I didn't get a good feeling about his honesty but purchased the product anyway as I did not want to come back from Truckee. I got home and tried to find instructions online and found the same unit selling for

$45.00 from multiple websites. SAME PRODUCT.

I returned the next morning to return the unit and his son Robert told me they could not return it. The store has a NO RETURN policy. I explained my online findings and also let me know that my credit card had not been charged yet, so it would be an easy transaction. Still NO, exchange for other merchandise only. I left the unit there and canceled my credit card.

This store is charging people 5-6x what it would cost elsewhere. OUTRAGEOUS.

I want to let the public know about the lack of business principles and outright thieving happening at THE SPY SHOP. That's ironic, right?The SPY SHOP is thieving from customers and it's all on their hidden cameras in the store.

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Comment from DAVE C. of Scotlandyard The Spy Shop
Business Owner

11/12/2013 1. We are sadden by this customers comments as we pride ourselves on our honesty and customer… 1. We are sadden by this customers comments as we pride ourselves on our honesty and customer service. The truth as to what happened during this sale is recorded on our store cameras, which clearly shows we spent nearly 2 hours working with her, explaining, tutoring and offering additional services whenever requested.

2. There are several posted signs in the store that reflect "due to the nature of our product line, items may be used once and no longer needed", therefore we do not offer cash refunds. Which was also verbalized to this customer twice.

3. Similar, used or damaged items may be found on the internet for a reduced price. However, we spend way more than $45.00 from our distributer, for the product she purchased and do not charge 5 times the amount anywhere else.

4. We did give the customer 100% store credit and then she cancelled her credit card payment. Read more

This place is fun. Lots of very cool spy gear and interesting miscellaneous item's gifts and wacky items. My 11yr old son definitely loved looking around in here. Staff was also very nice. Pretty cool place for checking out cool gadgets!

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The Mr wanted to take a look around and see what this store had to offer. Perfect spot for one wanting to spy or even surveillance someone.

Serious spy business for sure as well as a few self defense items!

Not for me, but if I was a spy or wanted to be Inspector Gadget, I'd hit up this place again for sure!!

Note to self: Go go gadget teddy bear camera!!

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I called the store and spoke to a very friendly man who informed me that the site is indeed infected with a Trojan and had been for 2 weeks. He said they are going to move servers because their's doesn't feel responsible for the infection of 10,000 sites they host.

I'm no techno geek, but I don't understand why it's been two weeks, nothing has been done.

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I am reviewing their website only. I have never been to the store.

WARNING: If you click through to… I am reviewing their website only. I have never been to the store.

WARNING: If you click through to the Spyshop's website, it tries to put a Trojan Horse on your computer!

My Avast caught it, but it froze my computer. I had to shut down, disconnect from the Internet, repower up, do a virus scan and put the Trojan Horse in a vault before doing anything else on my computer.

I laughed myself silly because it's great irony for a Spyshop website to infect my computer. Read more

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Spyware with a hint of deadly weapons makes for a pretty interesting browse. There were a ton of cool items that made me wish I needed to be very, very sneaky. They even have those teddy bear cameras with creepy eyes. What puts this place over the top is that the employees are friendly and willing to explain things even when they know you're not going to purchase anything.

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This is the coolest. Need to spy on someone? Have something you need to hide? Need a safe? Desire a surveillance system? Then look no further. This is the shizzle forizzle!

We needed a surveillance system for our property. night vision cameras, multi screen/camera ready. time stamp. large hard drive.

You're wondering. why do you need such an extensive system? PARANOID. Well. maybe. We DO live in Stockton and get some weird action in our neighborhood all hours of the night. especially on the weekends. Last night for example, my husband chased off some taggers spraying their names on the electrical boxes across the street at 2 in the friggin' morning!

Three weeks ago, a girl walked up to our door asking to use the phone at 3 in the morning. She was crying. it was cold. I felt bad for her. so I grabbed my cell and home cordless phones and was ready to dial 911 in case she was up to anything funny. like a tag team of home invasion homeys waiting around the corner. While she was on the phone, I noticed dried blood on her arms. that was a red flag being waved in my face at 3 in the morning.

I know, I know. you're thinking stop answering your door at 3 in the morning, you idiot!

This store will hook you up. They have everything. And they are extremely helpful.

Well. now I can just sit in my panic room and watch the monitor!

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