Screen Recording Software for Recording Computer Users Desktop Activities

Employee desktop live viewer is a professional monitoring utility to monitor and record employees computer desktop activities in working hours.

Screen Recording Tool

Computer Screen Recording Software

Screen recording tool is a comprehensive, professional, and easy-to-use solution to monitor activities going on a computer’s desktop. Such utility is very handy for organizations, schools and colleges that want to know what their employees, students, and children do while using computer and Internet. Such computer screen recorder utility is beneficial in conditions when:

  • You need to audit desktop activities of users
  • You guess that most of the employees are wasting time in online shopping, online games, and social networking
  • Your secret data has been stolen and you are searching for the real culprit
  • You are unable to comprehend that why your organizational output is not up to the mark even when you have facilitated employees with adequate resources

A complete solution and answer for all aforementioned questions is Screen Recording software. Such utility provides a most appropriate desktop auditing solution, where you can easily have a LIVE view of the activities that are currently being done on a user’s computer. In addition, you can also record those activities. This recording facility proves very handy in situation when you do not have time to sit and view those activities LIVE. Therefore, in such scenario you can simply schedule offline recordings for the computers to be monitored. This feature enables you to view the recordings in AVI format anytime, especially in your absence.

This computer screen recorder tool is meant for recording computer screen and incorporates a large number of irresistible features that enable you to monitor users’ desktop activities from one centralized location on any computer within a domain. Following are those features:

  • Monitors ‘N’ number of computers simultaneously
  • Remote management of all monitored computers
  • Scheduling of Online and Offline recording
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Helps in attaining maximum output.
  • Record user activities and save to .AVI files

How the Screen Recording software works?

This record computer screen softwareworks as a surveillance camera that helps you have a close observation on everything running on the monitored computers. The setup of this utility primarily comprises of two important files Viewer and Agent. Generally, the Viewer file is installed on the server while the Agent file is installed on target computers. You can consider any computer as a server, which is in domain. After installing the Viewer file on the server, you can remotely install the Agent file on the computers that you want to monitor. The best highlight of this tool is it allows the registration of multiple computers to the Viewer server for the purpose of monitoring. Besides this, the utility works in an invisible mode; therefore, the users that are being monitored will never be able to know about the monitoring process. The users that are being monitored will only know about this procedure when you send them a message about the procedure.

Free Trial Version – Record computer screen

You can successfully download and install the trial version of this software to get familiar with its features & functionality before spending your valuable money for the software purchase. The trial version is fully functional and can be evaluated for first 7 days after installation. However, you must not forget that during these 7 days you can register and monitor only one computer at a time.

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