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A high-tech watch inspired by TWINE, Goldeneye, and Perfect Dark; designed to disrupt your opponents without hurting them directly.
Press Custom 1 to switch between 5 different functions, then press Fire to use the watch. Press any weapon switch key to turn off the watch so you can use your ring weapons.

(All darts ignore the target’s shield.)

  • SCAN(green). Use a scanner to locate other players through walls and reveal cloaked players at close range. Unlimited use, but restricts your peripheral vision. Works best in first-person mode.
  • CLOAK(purple). Become invisible for up to 10 seconds. Your shield is stored inside the watch while cloaked, so it won’t protect you from damage. Shooting will deactivate your cloak, and getting hurt will drain its battery.
  • PARALYZE(yellow). Fire a dart that paralyzes the target for 1 second, or 3 seconds if you hit from behind. Hurting a stunned player will break their paralysis.
  • LEECH(blue). Fire a dart that steals up to 50 rings from the target, or 100 if you hit from behind.
  • EMP(red). Fire a dart that disables the target’s watch for 5 seconds, and destroys their weapon ammo, speed shoes, and invulnerability. Super players will lose their emeralds, and players hit from behind will lose half of their rings.

The watch can also act as a pseudo-Armageddon shield, provided you don’t already have a shield. Press Custom 1 just before or after being hit, and you’ll release a powerful shockwave that stuns players and hurts those closest to you. This overloads the watch, rendering it useless for a short time.
Hold Fire Normal after firing a dart to use it as a camera. The camera will disappear once the dart hits something.
Console commands:

  • spy_button. Change the watch button to Custom2, Custom3, or Flag.
  • spy_friendly. Allow friendly players to hit each other with darts in co-op or team games. (Server/admin only)
  • spy_infinite. Enable infinite ammo. Set it to 1 for admins only, or 2 for everyone. (Server/admin only, turns cheats on)

The scanner’s screen coordinate finder comes from RedEnchilada’s portal gun.
Uses sounds from Perfect Dark and Super Smash Bros.

  • The scanner should no longer spam errors in Match if spectators are present
  • Scanner markers should now change size with the player.
  • You can now shoot rings and darts out of cloak. Pressing Fire Normal at any time will also cancel the cloak.
  • Cloaking during a map change no longer lets you keep your shield.
  • Turning off spy_infinite no longer leaves you with extra darts.
  • Leech rings should spawn correctly in netgames


  • None at the moment.

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