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Copy9 is a premium iPhone spyphone product, and lets you secretly read iPhone SMS, Email, Call Records and GPS locations inside a secure web account. You can then carry out powerful searches and view locations on a map.

We make it easy. Simply purchase Copy9 for iPhone spyphone, and you can download directly into your jailbroken iPhone. No complicated cables or PCs are required, the entire process takes only a few minutes, and can be done anytime you have your iPhone in your hands.If you have not yet jailbroken your phone, we show you how to do that in a matter of minutes.
Our iPhone spyphone is unlike other products on the market, copy9 iPhone is designed for real life situations where failure is not an option. We are not the cheapest, but if being discovered is not an option, Copy9 iPhone spyphone is your only choice.

Copy9 iphone features
Creating an account at (Free)

GPS Location (Free)

Remote activation of the micro/iPhone (Free)

100% undetectable (Free)

Tuning software remotely (Free)

Download data report (Free).

Copy9 is a stealth application, meaning that it runs silently in the background without the phone’s user knowing it is there. Having this stealth feature provides several benefits, including that it is less likely to be tampered with or disabled. You can only access this cell phone parental control software by entering a password into the phone.

Unfortunately, Copy9 provides no advanced features. You cannot view SMS and Calls, and this software does not provide any options for blocking numbers from calling or texting your child’s phone or for blocking any websites from being viewed on the smartphone

Copy9’s logging capabilities provide the most use to users. This cell phone parental control software provides basic logging features such as call history logs. This allows you to view all phone calls made or received on the monitored smartphone.

A text message log is also available that allows you to see all text messages sent and received on the phone. Copy9 shows you an exact copy of each text message, whether the message has been deleted on the cell phone or not. You can also log all emails sent and received from the phone, and you have access to the phone’s address book. You can view all contacts stored on the device and see if you child has added any additional contacts. Also, you cannot see a history of the websites viewed on the smartphone or any memos or calendar events stored on the device.

After you have purchased and installed Copy9, sign up for a Free Account where you can view you child’s smartphone activity. Along the top of the online account is a menu listing all the available logs. By clicking each tab, you can view the most recent logs. Your results will appear in list formats. If you have a large amount of information with each activity, you will have to sift through all of that information to find the details you are looking for, however. The information is laid out in a semi-organized manner; you just have to look carefully to find the information you need.

If you have any questions regarding Copy9 and using the software, there is a FAQs section to answer several generic questions. There are no additional resources such as a knowledgebase or a user manual readily available if you need additional help. However, if you do have questions, you can use the company’s online live chat support to ask a customer representative. There is no email or phone support available.

Copy9 is adequate cell phone parental control software if activity logs are most important to you. You will not receive any advanced features using this smartphone software, but you will be able to view all calls, text messages and emails sent or received on the device. Not only are the logging features a benefit to using this software, but Copy9 is also compatible with Android, Symbian, Windows and IOS devices.

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