Sentinel Micro Real Time Tracker

Newly updated, the Sentinel Micro Real-Time GPS Tracker is extremely small, covert & water resistant. Login from a computer or phone to see the current location & everywhere it’s been. Features the latest GPS technology!

Sentinel Micro Real-Time GPS Tracker

  • Advanced asset tracker w/ easy-to-use new design
  • Water resistant
  • Extremely small (3″ x 1.5″ x 0.8″, 2 ounces) covert real-time GPS tracking
  • Login from a computer or cell phone to see in real-time!
  • Up to 30 days of tracking per battery charge
  • Enhanced GPS tracking territory coverage
  • Get notified when the vehicle enters a zone you specify
  • Low battery warning
  • Panic button for emergency alerts

New Advanced Design & Water Resistant

One of the best selling GPS trackers of all times has gotten a complete advanced update making it a smart choice, no matter what or who you are tracking. The Cheaters Sentinel Micro GPS Tracker now has more features, options, and enhanced coverage for GPS tracking. The water-resistant device features a newly-designed thumb-size panic button with vibration confirmation on the front of the device for enhanced safety and security.

Expanded Territory Coverage

The Cheaters Sentinel Micro GPS Tracker features expanded territory coverage for remote, weak signal areas, making this device one of the best GPS trackers on the market today. This device is a smart choice for those requiring enhanced coverage in hard-to-reach areas.

The latest Cheaters Sentinel Micro GPS Tracker features a built-in 3-axis accelerometer for motion detection, helping extend battery life through sophisticated power management algorithms. The device supports a wide variety of reporting options, including emergency alerts, geo-fence boundary crossings, low battery, and scheduled GPS position.

Most Economical & Smallest Real-Time Tracking Solution

One of the smallest GPS trackers on the market, the Cheaters Sentinel Micro also offers the best bang for the buck. Whether you’re using it for tracking personal or business vehicles, you’ll be surprised at how small and easy-to-use our system is. This device is ideal for vehicle tracking, employee monitoring, asset tracking, and surveillance or covert tracking applications.

With this newest generation tracker, you can get up to 30 days of tracking from one charge of the built in Li-Polymer battery. If you need up to 180 days of tracking, you can purchase the optional Sentinel Micro Magnetic Battery Pack. And with low battery alerts, you’ll never have to worry about not knowing when the battery needs recharging.

Best of all, even though the Cheaters Sentinel Micro GPS Tracker is half the cost and half the size of some trackers on the market, it’s still packed with all the features you expect like geo-fencing alerts, low battery text message alerts and an easy-to-use web based interface with top quality maps.

The GPS tracker can be placed on a vehicle or asset you want to monitor. afterwards, you’ll login to our special website which will let you to see where the tracker currently is, as well as everywhere it has already been. You can also set up geo-fence alerts which will notify you by text message whenever the Sentinel tracker enters or leaves a zone that you specify. This is very handy if you want to know when someone is leaving work, or enter a particular area you are suspicious of.

If you need to mount it under a car, consider picking up the optional magnetic case for the Sentinel.

Once you receive your tracker, you’ll need to pay for a data plan and activation fee (for details, please see the Data Plan tab), then you simply create your account and log in through the web based tracking portal to see where your tracker is! It’s that simple.

Important note: This tracker only works within the USA.

The Cheaters Sentinel Micro GPS Tracker is perfect for.

  • Monitoring the activity of a spouse or child
  • Keeping an eye on employee vehicles
  • Asset tracking
  • Surveillance or covert tracking applications


  • Cheaters Sentinel Micro Battery-Operated GPS Tracker
  • AC Power Adapter for Charging

Getting Started:

Data Plan & Activation Fee:

The Cheaters Sentinel Micro GPS tracker requires a data plan and activation fee. The rates are as follows:

  • GPS Tracker Activation – $39.99
  • GPS Data Plan (3 months of service minimum) – $39.99 per month

Once you receive your tracker, you will be given a phone number to call to set up your billing at which time you will be charged for your first 3 months of service and your activation fee.

Please Note :
The Sentinel Micro only works within the United States

Activation Instructions: Sentinel Micro Real Time GPS Tracker

To activate your Sentinel GPS Tracker and pay for service with a credit card, please call 650-692-8100 between 8 am and 5 pm Pacific time Monday through Friday.

The manual for this product can be found online here .

Please note: We offer a discounted rate if you purchase your Sentinel GPS Tracker through Cheaters Spy Shop. Please call the phone number given above to sign up for service and tell them you want to activate a Sentinel from Cheaters Spy Shop instead of using the information in the manual. You will pay a higher monthly rate if you try to activate as a regular customer (and not a Cheaters Spy Shop customer).

All billing, service and support questions should be directed to 650-692-8100.

Getting Started:

Getting Started:

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