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Unlock software and solutions including – Remote unlocking, Data cable PC based unlocking, Service software, Remote logs, Upgrading and downgrading soft, Flashing and flash repair, Contact service fixes, Hardware, Clips, Boxes, Phone repair, GSM PCN test mode software, RS-232 serial, USB and printer port cables. We do not supply IMEI change software.

All prices Include VAT & Free delivery for UK orders over �10. Dispatch is within 1 working day on these products.

Sharp Locked to Vodafone UK Remote Unlocking by E-Mail

We can unlock all Sharp phones supplied by Vodafone UK by e-mail. We will supply your unique unlock code calculated from your phones IMEI number.

To find you phones IMEI number key. *#06#

Following placing an order on-line your unlock code will be e-mailed to you within 5 working days.

PLEASE NOTE – This service is for Vodafone UK locked phones only. we can not calculate codes for phones locked to other networks.

Sharp GX10 / GX10i / GX15 / GX20 / GX30 Unlocking Software

Sharp GX10 / GX10i / GX15 / GX20 / GX30 Unlocking Software. For use with the USB data cable supplied with your phone.

Please note – This software will not unlock phones locked to Vodafone UK. Please see the product at the top of this page for an alternative unlock solution.

Your unlock software will be available INSTANTLY following your order being placed ( via a download link). Fully compatible with Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP and XP Pro.

The Superclip is a pocket size professional tool for unlocking GSM handsets. With its in built power supply and battery it is a must for any serious unlocker. Fully upgradable for future updates. It uses a standard Nokia Charger to recharge the internal battery. You can update this clip be simply plugging into the USB Port on your PC and then logging on to the internet. Dual Serial (PS2) and USB outputs. Dimension 42mm Width x 56mm Length x 23mm Height

LG 8110, 8120 & 8130
Motorola T191, Vxxx, Cxxx & A8xx
Nokia DCT3 & DCT4
Panasonic GD67, GD87 & X60
Samsung E800, A1xx, A300, A400, A800, V200, Q200, S10x, S200, S300, N1xx, N5xx, R2xx, Txxx, C100 & SGH
Sendo Direct Unlock 3 Series and M550 Series
Sharp GX10, GX15. GX20 & GX30
Siemens 5xx & MC60
SonyEricsson All Models Except the new RCA6 type handsets

The Package Includes.

One SuperClip
Ericsson T68 Cable
LG 8xxx Cable
Motorola T191, V66 and E365 Cables
Nokia Pop Port, 7610 and 6230 Cables

OUR PRICE �199.95

Sharp GX10 / GX10i / GX20 Unlocking Solution

Unlocks all Sharp GX10 / GX10i / GX20 mobile phones. Included is an unlocking cable and software CD.

DataONE Unlocking Clip

Data-one Unlocking Clip. NOW SUPPORTS THE NOKIA 6230! The Data One clip is the best unlocking device on the market! It is fully updateable to support new models by uploading free (and sometimes chargeable) software upgrades to the device. No PC required, simply connect your phone to the device and press a button! Some phones can also be unlocked via IMEI calculation method.

Unlock most Nokia DCT4 handsets by typing the IMEI into the keypad. The display will show the unlock codes. Can also unlock via cable connection when using the correct lead (available separately).

* Factory reset on DCT4 phones
* Unlock all Nokia DCT3 handsets by direct unlock (connectors available separately)
* Unlock most Sony Ericsson handsets – Cable supplied.
* Unlocks LG Phones.
* Unlocks Panasonic GD67, GD87, GD88, GD50, GD55, X60 – Cable supplied.
* Unlocks Siemens MC60, ST55, and many other models from A55, C55 onwards – Cable supplied.
* Unlocks Sharp GX1, GX10, GX10i, GX20 – Cable supplied.
* Unlocks Motorola T191, C300 – Cable supplied.
* Unlocks Samsung A1xx, A300, A400, A800, V200, Q200, S10x, S200, S300, N1xx, N5xx, R2xx, Txxx, C100 & SGH Series – Cable supplied.
* Unlocks Sendo models (chargeable upgrade)
* Fully upgradeable for future models.

OUR PRICE �198.95

DataONE Unlocking Clip Cable Set

Complete Set of Cables for DataONE cables included are:

Samsung: A100, SGH600, E700, A300
Sharp: GX10, GX20, GX30
Ericsson: T68
Siemens: 4xx, 5xx
Motorola: T191, V66, E365
Panasonic: GD92
Sendo: 200, 550
Nokia: Pop Port, 7610, 6230
4way Jack to PS/2 (Main Lead)
Serial to PS/2 (Updating Lead)

DataONE 2MB Memory Module

This module just clips on the bottom of the DataONE, and gives you an extra 2MB for furture upgrades.

Also included in this package:

All Ericsson Unlocker. Unlocks all new Ericssons inc P900 and T68i. Nokia DCT4 Type 7 direct unlocker, for new models 3200 etc.

DataONE Module Upgrades

Data ONE Module Upgrade – Sharp GX20 Direct Unlock by Cable.

Data ONE Module Upgrade – Sendo update now available for DataOne Module. Unlock by reading codes direct from phone.Tested on 200,300 and 550 models.

Data ONE Module Upgrade – Sharp GX30 Direct Unlock by Cable.

Data ONE Module Upgrade – Motorola P2K. Unlock Motorola P2K Style handsets I.E. V60, V66, V70 T720 etc. Direct Unlock by Cable.

Data ONE Module Upgrade – Motorola VXXX. Unlock Motorola V300, V400, V500, V525, V600 Models.

DataOne Update Options. There are update options available for the DataONE which allow additional features these updates can be installed in your existing old DataONE clip.

Data ONE Module Upgrade – Panasonic GD67 & GD87, Sharp GX1, GX10 & GX10i, Motorola T191

Data ONE Module Upgrade – Samsung A1xx, A300, A400, A800, V200, Qxxx, S10x, S200, N1xx, N5xx, R2xx, Txxx & SGH Series.

Data ONE Module Upgrade – Siemens 5 Series I.E. M50, S55 etc.

unlock software and solutions, remote unlocking, data cable pc based unlocking, service software, remote logs, upgrading and downgrading soft, flashing and flash repair, contact service fixes, hardware, clips, boxes, phone repair, gsm pcn test mode software, rs-232 serial, usb and printer port cables. we do not supply imei change software.