SilverCloud GPS Tracking

Tracking system devices starting at $149 for auto tracking, vehicle management and GPS tracking. Senior GPS trackers and car tracking systems for businesses and consumers.

Real-Time GPS Tracking System Features:

  • UNLIMITED Updates On All Data Plans
  • Battery, Speed & Virtual Boundary Alerts
  • ShareSpot (Share GPS Data With Public)
  • Refresh Rates As Fast As Every Three (3) Seconds
  • LIfetime Access To Historical GPS Data
  • Internet & Mobile Phone Access To GPS Data
  • Multiple Driving Summary Reports
  • International GPS Tracking (SilverCloud Global)

Real-time GPS monitoring has grown in demand over the past decade as more businesses require fleet management devices to reduce fuel consumption, consumers seek a way of enhancing driver/auto safety and law enforcement agencies pursue the most sophisticated tools to conduct surveillance. Although GPS vehicle tracking applications may range from simplistic to complex, depending on the GPS user’s needs, now there is one real-time GPS that can meet the demands of anyone looking for the latest in live tracking technology.

Tracking System Direct is proud to announce the debut of the next generation in live monitoring tracking, SilverCloud!

Five Reasons SilverCloud GPS Tracker Is For You!

1. SilverCloud Allows Users To Share GPS Tracking Data

One of the best features of this real-time GPS tracking system is that it comes with a program known as SilverCloud Online that allows users to have their own secured administration area. This feature makes it easy for SilverCloud GPS tracking users to share GPS vehicle tracking and position data with friends, family members or work colleagues.

Businesses with fleet management needs and public transportation operations all have a strong need to share GPS locations over a secured network. With SilverCloud Online, school buses, taxi cabs, airport shuttles, ambulances and more can all offer people a unique way to view GPS location information from any location!

SilverCloud gives users the ability to store an UNLIMITED amount of historical data on a secure server!

2. SilverCloudGPS Trackers Will Alert You

Have you ever wondered if your teenager was speeding? How about when a company driver has arrived or left a job location? The SilverCloud GPS tracker offers the latest in alert notification technology that makes it easy to for users to receive emails and/or text messages when a driver is speeding or arrives/departs from any predetermined area. These alert features are perfect for parents who want to know if their teen is excessively speeding, businesses looking to improve driver safety, companies with a critical need to know when mobile assets arrive /depart from a particular location and more.

3. SilverCloud GPS Trackers Offer Detailed Reporting Features

SilverCloud GPS offers its users the ability to create a number of detailed historical driving reports that can be used to provide in-depth analysis of driving activity. The various types of reports include:

Activity Summary Report: Summary of daily mileage driven, stops made, addresses arrived travel history and more which can all be broken down in a graph or spreadsheet format.

Excessive Speed Report: Once the GPS tracking user selects the maximum acceptable speed for a vehicle, this reporting feature will display every time a driver’s vehicle exceeded that pre-set speed, and the frequency in which it did during a selected time period.

History By Device Report: Graphical spreadsheet representation of how fast a vehicle was going at any point in time, and where the exact location of that vehicle was at that selected period of time.

Stops/Mileage By Device Report: Organizes driver stops made and mileage driven in an easy to read format. This report breaks down driving activity by Description (How long a driver was stopped at a particular location), Distance (Amount of distance a driver traveled to current stop from previous last recorded stop, and Location (The address a driver stopped that is actually a working hyperlink that when selected will display the address over Google Maps!).

Alarms By Device Report: Provides a detailed breakdown of the number of alerts (Speed Alerts or Virtual Boundary Alerts) that occurred in a selected period of time.

All detailed reporting features can be viewed in either an HTML or PDF mode, depending on the user’s preference.

4. SilverCloud Makes Real-Time GPS Tracking Easy To Use

GPS monitoring systems. Instead, SilverCloud was designed to be user-friendly enough to meet the GPS tracking needs of everyone. From the casual users such as parents interested in teen tracking as a way of enhancing teen safety to power users such as businesses and transportation companies in need of a sophisticated fleet management solution,the SilverCloud GPS tracker offers gets the job done.

SilverCloud GPS tracker is a web-based application, therefore GPS tracking system data is accessed live over the Internet.

5. SilverCloud Offers A Variety Of Affordable Data Plans

Many GPS tracking system companies only offer one data plan that may or may not meet the vehicle tracking needs of the user. Tracking System Direct understands that everybody has different needs and expectations from the GPS vehicle tracker they choose, and that is why Tracking System Direct offers five (5) different data plans for SilverCloud users to select from. The GPS data plans for the SilverCloud are as follows:

GPS Tracking Data Plan Options (NO CONTRACT REQUIRED)

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