Smartphone Spy Software – How To Spy On Cell Phones?

Worried that your teenager isn’t being honest with you? Concerned that your spouse may be up to no good? A high-quality mobile spying app can either confirm

Worried that your teenager isn’t being honest with you? Concerned that your spouse may be up to no good? A high-quality mobile spying app can either confirm your worst fears or put them to rest. Either way, you’ll know what’s actually happening, and knowledge is power. Of course, not all mobile spy apps are created equal. If you’re serious about keeping track of someone by installing an app on his or her phone, it pays to do a little research and to be aware of the most important spy software features.

How it Works

People often assume that they’ll need steady, ongoing access to the phone of whomever they want to spy on. Fortunately, that’s not the case. You’ll need access to the person’s phone exactly once: when you install the app. From there on out, you’ll be able to pull up the information that’s culled from the app by logging onto your dashboard via your Internet browser обзор сервисов онлайн кредитования .

Regardless of which phone spy software you use, the first step will be downloading it onto the phone of the person you’d like to monitor. The download and installation should only take a minute. From there on out, every time the phone boots up, the app will too. Don’t worry, though – the app will load stealthily, and the person using it will be none the wiser.

Features to Look for in Cell Phone Spy Software

A quick search will reveal that there are dozens of mobile spy apps out there. How are you supposed to find the right one? Aren’t they all pretty much the same? Not exactly. The easiest way to figure out which Android or iPhone spy app you need is by familiarizing yourself with the most popular features and then zeroing in on an app that includes all of them.

Some essential phone spy software features to look for include:

  1. Call Logging – Keep track of calls that are sent and received by the phone, including call length and the number being called.
  2. Call Recording – Some apps won’t just record cell phone calls; they’ll also record sounds from the surrounding area, which can be quite revealing.
  3. Browsing History – Find out what the person is looking at while using his or her smartphone.
  4. SMS Tracking – Virtually all cell phone spy apps include spy SMS capabilities, which simply means that they track and record text messages, iMessages and the like.
  5. App Blocking – Want your teen to stay off certain apps? Look for software with this handy feature.
  6. Remote Lock and Wipe – This feature comes just as in handy for your own device as for other people’s. From afar, you can wipe everything off the phone or lock it down so no one can access it.
  7. GPS Tracking – Without a doubt, this is the most popular mobile spy feature. It allows you to track a cell phone user’s whereabouts.

Some apps include all of these features and more; others only have a few. Some are available for a one-time purchase; others require a monthly fee. Take your time, and explore as many options as possible before selecting one.

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