SMS Monitoring for Kids Protection, SMS Tracking App

SMS communication is more popular these days than making calls. That’s why it is reasonable for parents to use a text message spy app to monitor their kids’ activity.

SMS Monitoring App

Did You Know?

Nowadays children spend more than 3 hours a day using smartphones for playing games, social media activity and chatting. Being a parent implies a huge responsibility to protect kids from misgiving people they might contact on the web. Reliable SMS spy software will help you secure your children.

of victims that online predators target are boys and girls aged 14-16 years old

of children share personal data online, including names, addresses, and billing accounts

of all criminal cases among teenagers were planned through SMS and IM chats

Pumpic parental text monitoring app was designed to help keep your children safe by tracking incoming and outgoing SMS. The app allows you to view saved and deleted messages, limit daily amount of sent SMS, as well as block specific contacts from reaching your kids in future:

  • monitor SMS messages sent and received
  • control contacts, block misgiving senders
  • prevent children from bullies and online predators

Why to Follow Kids’ Text Messages

You will probably wonder, if hear that children most of all do not use their mobile phones to call each other. Instead, they use them to play games, search online, and chat via social media or SMS. In other words, modern kids prefer writing text messages to making calls.

According to the recent statistics, more than 70% of teenagers use SMS to contact their friends. If you have a look at one of your kid’s SMS chat history, you will see that it more likely resembles a written down phone call than a message itself. It means that if you want to find out what your child talks about with his or her friend, you don’t need to record a call, you can simply read text messages. That’s why monitoring SMS is one of the best ways of keeping up with your kid’s affairs.

There is a lot of tracking software, which enables parents to follow their kids’ activity remotely. And SMS monitoring is one of its major functions. With the help of such spyware, you will easily track your children from any spot of the world as well as view SMS they send and receive.

SMS spy software will let you take care of your kids remotely and prevent them from possible dangers, namely:

  • find out if your kid is dating someone and prevent him or her from related threats (teenagers chat with their dates pretty often, and thus, SMS tracking will let you be in touch with the situation and take action, if needed);
  • control whom your kids communicate with and prevent them from chatting with strangers or misgiving people (swindlers, bullies, and online predators often use text messages to contact their victims);
  • block texts messages on Android and iOs devices to prevent kids from seeing inappropriate content and communicating with strangers;
  • take immediate action, if find out that your kid contacts drug dealers or someone, who might be a bad company for him or her;
  • find out if your kid is up to do something you would not approve, or is going to go anywhere you would not allow;
  • find out if your kid uses bad words in his or her communication;
  • prevent your kid from being involved in sexting (exchanging messages with sexual content, sometimes including inappropriate photos attached).

Pumpic SMS Monitoring Testimonials:

Amanda J. (Newport Beach, CA)

“I am a single mother of 15 years old daughter. Recently, we had to move to the Golden State where she made friends with uncertain group of young people. I was worrying about her a lot. When I found Pumpic, I was relieved, now I can check her messages and IM chats to see what she is planning. I can see her GPS location and route history too to make sure she is home after school while I am at work.”

Tiffany and Greg W. (Huntsville, AL)

“We have two adorable daughters (10 and 12). We do everything to rise them in a proper Catholic way. Although we allow them to use smartphones, we do keep track of their phones with SMS monitoring app. We use it as a precaution. We are fully satisfied with Pumpic, it let us see all incoming and outgoing messages to make sure they are safe. We also use block list that allows us to monitor bad words used in messages, if there are such.”

George K. (Oklahoma City, OK)

“I installed Pumpic to keep track of my son, David (16). I am satisfied with the product, especially the function that allows me to see deleted messages. Sometimes, you just have to do it. I think it’s natural to protect your kids and Pumpic is one of the easiest ways.”

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